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Can I do the Fast Metabolism Diet without a gallbladder?

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Can I do the Fast Metabolism Diet without a gallbladder?

I understand the frustration. Your doctor might have even told you it would be impossible to lose weight after your gallbladder was removed. But you can get healthier and heal your metabolism with the Fast Metabolism Diet.

I hear that a lot — clients who tell me their own doctor told them they’d never lose weight. I also have clients who tried every type of diet without success — but who were able to lose weight with the Fast Metabolism Diet. While the gallbladder does play a big role in how your body metabolizes fat, it’s not the only organ to play a role.

In The Fast Metabolism Diet, I explain how the gallbladder emulsifies fat. But if yours has been removed, it’s not as if your body stops processing fats. No way! Your liver and pancreas take a larger part of that function.

Not having a gallbladder might mean that you have a somewhat harder time processing fats — which is why a diet like the Fast Metabolism Diet is particularly healthy: it cuts out the processed and saturated fats than can be so hard for your body to metabolize. But you’ll get plenty of healthy, easy to digest fats from fish, nuts, seeds and oils.

Here are some tips to make the most of the Fast Metabolism Diet without a gallbladder.

  • Pile on the fresh herbs and spices. These help break down foods, lightening the load on your liver and pancreas. Herbs such as basil, turmeric, fennel and cilantro are especially useful. And don’t forget dried spices that create heat in the body, helping your body burn through fats: Hot peppers, cayenne, ginger, and hot paprika are wonderful.  A lot of my clients that have either gallbladder disease or have had their gallbladder removed take digestive bitters before each meal.
  • Keep on chewing. Chewing your food well will also help break down foods before they hit your digestive tract. So slow down and take your time. Try chewing your food about 40 times per mouthful. It seems like a lot, but you’ll soon get used to it, and it will really help if you don’t have a gallbladder.
  • Choose “gallbladder” foods that aid in fat breakdown, including lima beans, grapefruit (only if you are not taking statins), papaya, fresh figs, along with bitter veggies like kale and asparagus. More supportive foods to incorporate:
    Apples and Asian Pears
    Green beans
    Sweet potatoes
    Avocados (Use a lot of lemon, lime and cilantro to help break down the healthy fat)
    Salmon (Use a lot of lemon, lime and cilantro to help break down the healthy fats)
  • Include the optional grain on Phase 3 dinner just once or twice a week. This forces your body to work harder to process stored fats, rather than relying on quick-absorbing carbs for fuel. And make sure to add extra veggies so all of that cellulose will enhance your struggling fat digestion.