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Haylie Talks About Vegan Eating In Phase 2.

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Haylie Talks About Vegan Eating In Phase 2.

Haylie answers questions such as what you can eat in Phase 2 if you're vegan, advice on SIBO, healthy fat and protein on Phase 3 and more! 

Questions Answered:

  1. What to eat to benefit both Respiratory and Circulatory systems? I have asthma and Rosacea, I´ve consulted many doctors and they just want to prescribe me more meds! No recommendations on what to eat about it. I´ve already lost 15lb on 2 FMD rounds and 1 D-burn Thank you! 15lb more to go.
  2. Dear doc Pomroy, what can j eat in P2, instead of soy and soy products? J’m vegan but j don’t want use soy.
  3. Dear Doc. Pomroy, I wonder if zoodles (zucchini nuddles created with a spirilizer) can be eaten on P2, just like konjac shirataki, as an addiction and not as a replacement to other vegetables recommended for the phase.
  4.  Healthy Fat and Protein on P3. At breakfast are nut butters considered a healthy fat and a protein, or just a healthy fat?
  5.  I read the book, but if my husband drinks half body weight in oz, that would be 180 oz. daily? Is that feasible and/or dangerous?
  6. Haylie, what is your advice on SIBO?
  7. I had great success with the H-burn after years of hormonal imbalance/chronic stress, but all of the weight (8 lbs) came back within the first 4 days after immediately returning to the FMD…what is my body trying to tell me?
  8. Dear Doc Pomroy, I am intolerant to nickel. This means I can’t eat wholegrain cereals. Can I eat white rice and not wholegrain cereals? I have lost 14 kg with fmd, but, after that, I was forced to detox my body from wholegrain cereals by my doctor. How can I deal to this problem and keep following fmd?