What Your Body’s pH Can Tell You

pH testing strips

Is your body too acidic? I talk a lot about whether your body is acidic or alkaline.  This balance can influence your risk of osteoporosis, muscle loss and kidney stones — even diabetes, heart disease, thyroid issues, and high blood pressure. If your body’s fluids are too acidic, minerals are actually pulled from your body’s […]

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Quick Kitchen Hacks Save Loads of Time


I love cooking, but I might love saving time even more. I’m a huge fan of crock-potting and making big pots of stuff that we can eat for a couple of days. Basically, I just always act like I’m always cooking for a crowd. So you know you can count on me for tips and shortcuts! […]

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Is It Time to Divorce Your Doctor?

33960037 - hand of a lab technician holding blood tube test with bar code on laboratory and background a rack of color tubes with blood samples other patients / hand doctor holding a blood tube test with bar code for analysis in lab

Lab tests are amazing. They give us a peek into the body, confirming our suspicions, or pointing us in an entirely different direction when we’re trying to understand what our bodies are telling us. But like all “data,” it’s typically meaningless without interpretation. When I ask my clients about the results of their latest lab […]

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Finding Your Path: One Thing That Helped Me

Funnel Screen Capture

I opened my first clinic when I was in my early 20s, and launched a total of 8 successful integrative healthcare centers over the past two decades. I have authored a total of 5 books, crushed it on public television, am published in 13 languages and have a beautiful blended family of teens from 13-17. […]

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Suspect Candida? Seven Steps for What to Do About It

GI Tract

Candida is one type of yeast that naturally occurs in the mouth and digestive tract and helps absorb harmful toxins. However, with too much toxicity, say from heavy metals or broad-spectrum antibiotic use, we begin to see an imbalance of this fungus which can cause a multitude of problems in the body. Do you get […]

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Pre vs. Probiotics and 5 Ways They Can Boost Your Metabolism

Fermented salsa

Your body contains nearly 100 trillion bacteria, which is more than 10 times the number of cells in your entire body. It’s incredible – we are literally made up of bacteria!  Your gastrointestinal, or G.I., tract is one of the most important homes for that healthy bacteria. Here, they serve to secrete enzymes, help to […]

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Dr. Oz Names Haylie Pomroy as Part of The Regimen Team

Dr. Oz Show

Look to Dr. Oz for your new Regimen This week, Dr. Oz revealed an innovative new component of his long-running, award-winning show, the Dr. Oz Show. Called “The Regimen,” his new initiative aims to provide viewers with simple, easy, inexpensive daily actions–or regimens–to improve their health and happiness. Haylie Pomroy was named to his top […]

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Laura’s Amazing Family Transformation

5 months

Before Laura and her family did the Fast Metabolism Diet, they were dealing with weight and cholesterol issues. These issues are very common in today’s society, but also very correctable – all it takes is the right foods. Now, Laura and her family are on the right track choosing real food for real results.

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Martina Shares her Transformation from Italy


This is a fantastic story all the way from Italy! Martina was in her 40s and her health wasn’t where she wanted it to be. She was also going through menopause, and she wasn’t sure there was a solution. With the help of a friend, and the amazing support of the Italian FMD support group […]

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Phyllis’ Journey on the FMD


This journey is absolutely incredible! Phyllis is a shining example that the Fast Metabolism Diet is more than just a way to lose weight. That you can actually feed your body back to health. That introducing your body to the right foods can even have an impact on health issues like diabetes. That years of […]

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