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What Your Body’s pH Can Tell You

pH testing strips

Is your body too acidic? I talk a lot about whether your body is acidic or alkaline.  This balance can influence your risk of osteoporosis, muscle loss and kidney stones — even diabetes, heart disease, thyroid issues, and high blood pressure. If your body’s fluids are too acidic, minerals are actually pulled from your body’s […]

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Inflammation is a Pain in More Ways Than One


Take a quick scan of some leading health and wellness sites like Mind Body Green, and there’s a good chance you’ll see the word “inflammation” somewhere on the front page. It’s the health buzz word of the moment, and in the headlines, it’s always bad news. But like all bodily functions, inflammation is merely the […]

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H-Burn: Crunchy Thai Salad


The healthy fats in this crunchy Thai-inspired salad for the H-Burn will help your body begin to incinerate hormone-induced fat and turn those lumps and bumps into sleek, gorgeous curves.

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Crave-worthy Seed and Nut Butters

Almond butter

It’s time to indulge in six scrumptious nut butters and seed pastes, all of which are packed full of the healthy fats your body needs to release (and burn) stored body fat. Here’s the skinny on how they taste, and how to use them. They leave peanut butter in the dust! (more…)

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Lymphatic Massage: Amazing detox

Lymphatic massage

Your heart and blood vessels work to keep blood circulating through your body — but did you know that’s not the only circulatory system you have? There’s a second transportation network in your body called the lymphatic system. (more…)

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How Your Hormones & Mood are Related


Did you know hormones influence almost everything about how your body works? Hormones are the conductors orchestrating a beautiful symphony in your body. But, when they’re out of whack, nothing feels right, starting with your mood. Find out how to keep your hormones balanced.

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Pan-Seared Salmon with Balsamic Roasted Vegetables


The H-burn is a real program that I use in my clinics with my clients to unleash their metabolic potential.  Your energy will soar and you will feel rested, alert, and alive. In 10 days, many of my clients lose up to 10 pounds! With the H-Burn, you will attack stubborn hormone-induced fat, stabilize your hormonal balance, and […]

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3 Foods to Heal the GI Tract

Ginger & Lemon

Let’s talk about your GI tract, and the long and windy road it takes throughout our body! The GI tract is such an important part of your body, that what affects it, also affects your respiratory system. Why? Because both are covered in the same mucosal lining. Suffering from tummy issues and asthma? This is […]

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