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As a special service for those following the nutrition plans designed by Haylie Pomroy, the Haylie Pomroy Group offers phone consultations with trained consultants.

You can achieve amazing results with one of Haylie Pomroy Group coaches, who are trained in The Fast Metabolism Diet, The Burn, and nutrition-based programs/supplements and know what it takes to become successful. The Haylie Pomroy Group coaches are here to hold you accountable and help you move forward to achieve the success you’ve always wanted. Our coaches will help you get started on the plan, organize your meals, and answer your questions. They will also offers personalization and brings a new dimension to your programs so it fits to your unique needs and maximize your results.

Each session includes one-on-one phone coaching with a trained Haylie Pomroy Group Coach who can guide you and help you get started on the plan. For those already doing the diet, our coaches can help get you over a plateau, answer ongoing questions, or help you transition into the maintenance phase of a diet.

  • Help setting up your meals and meal maps
  • Understanding portions
  • Navigating around food restrictions and allergies
  • Help with unusual schedules
  • Recipe ideas
  • … and much more!

I encourage you to take action today to get started on realizing your wellness goals! Schedule your one-on-one telephone coaching session with a Fast Metabolism Coach.

Book a Coaching Session


$95 for the initial 45-minute session and $65 for a 30-minute follow-up sessions.

We also offer coaching packages of 5 sessions for $300 and 10 sessions for $550.

Use the above button and you will be directed to our booking website partner MindBody.com and follow these 3 easy steps:

1/ Create an account in a few minutes.

2/ In the Menu, select  COACHING PRICING.  Select and pay for the service you need.

3/ Book your appointment with the coach of your choice!


The Coaches

Coaches are personally trained and supervised by Haylie Pomroy, after a lengthy initial training process and weekly coaching meetings with Haylie.

Here’s a little bit about Haylie Pomroy Group coaches:

Sue Cook

sue cook - HEADSHOT
Though she went on to become an elementary school teacher, it was her relationship with Haylie Pomroy (whom she’s known since childhood) that continued to fuel her interest in nutrition. After two separate cancer bouts, it was with encouragement from Haylie that Sue began to tap into the power of food as medicine. “Radiation, chemo and surgeries took a toll on my mind and body,” Sue recalls. “The Fast Metabolism Diet lifestyle helped me become healthy and strong after all my treatments.”

Having experienced first-hand the amazing benefits of the FMD plan, Sue decided to take the next step and became a certified coach so she could help others become healthy, feel great and fall in love with their lives.” “It’s not just about weight,” she says. “Sure, it’s awesome when the scale moves, but it’s even more fantastic when they see a huge change in their labs at the doctor’s office and they’re able to turn their lives around completely.”

Sue believes the keys to success on the program involve using the tools available, prepping and planning. “I also emphasize being positive. Beating yourself up or feeling guilty about missteps is counterproductive,” she says.

With a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Design Sue says she is skillful at designing meal maps for her clients and filling them with food that not only they will love but will help them reach their weight-loss goals. “I believe wholeheartedly in my favorite Haylie-ism and remind my clients of it all the time. Diet does not mean deprivation and starvation. Instead it means, “Did I Eat Today?

When she’s not teaching youngsters or helping her FMD coaching clients, Sue enjoys spending time with her husband of 17 years and two sons — a 15 and 8-year old. Sue lives in Temecula, CA and looks forward to helping all her clients become their best, most beautiful selves from the inside out.

Shelley E.

 shellShelley discovered Haylie and The Fast Metabolism Diet as part of her New Year’s Resolution in January 2014. Over that year, she lost a total of 90 pounds on Haylie’s programs between the FMD, The Burn, and The Fast Metabolism Cleanse.

Haylie’s programs didn’t just help her lose weight. Shelley suffers from chronic pain and inflammation due to a neck injury and cervical degenerative disc. But since introducing her body to Haylie’s whole-food programs, she is no longer taking medications for pain, depression (from chronic pain) and inflammation. Her sleep has improved immeasurably. Says Shelley, “Haylie’s programs literally saved my life.” She still uses Haylie’s protocols to manage her chronic inflammation without medications.

Shelley immersed herself in learning about the science behind Haylie’s programs, sharing her experience and encouraging others.  Now she is available to coach you.

Shelley lives in Montana with her husband, three children and two dogs. Her whole family now enjoys the Fast Metabolism recipes and lifestyle. They enjoy sports and the outdoors, along with gardening and genealogy. Shelley’s story is featured on Haylie’s program on PBS, and she has appeared in First for Women Magazine.


Leilani Roh

leilani-before-afterLeilani used the Fast Metabolism Diet to get her own weight under control, losing a total of 60 pounds. About three years ago, she left a career in teaching to work with Haylie full time.

Says Leilani, “I believe so strongly in what she’s shown me and continues to teach me every day.  As a Fast Metabolism Diet coach, I’ve been there. I was you. I love sharing my story, and helping others find the same success I did. My background in teaching has given me patience, the ability to listen, and to help others solve problems. This is something I really believe in, and I’m motivated to help others look forward to life again, improve their health and lose weight. I meet exclusively with Haylie each week about your coaching questions and now I want to help you find the success you deserve!”

Watch Haylie and Leilani in their appearance on Good Morning America.


What clients are saying about the Haylie Pomroy Group Coaching:

L.M., Roswell, NM:

I tried the coaching once to get started and organized, and then once again when I got stuck. Leilani was a Godsend.  She reviewed my “issues” with Haylie and got me well on my way to my weight loss goals.

A.M., Italy:

Having a personal coach troubleshoot my unique health and dietary situation made this plan doable for me.  Nothing in the past has worked with my health limitations.

J.H., Goodland, KS:

I had lost a lot of weight on the Fast Metabolism Diet, and then it just stopped.  Coaching gave me the tools to get 32 lbs. off and counting.  Thank you Leilani and Haylie for giving us more and more solutions.

K.C., New York, NY:

I plan my weeks with my coach, chart my foods and weight, send her my diet diary from my App, and cherish our weekly 30-minute sessions.  I have a long way to go but it feels like I have the plan and the support I need to be successful.

M.C., Beaumont, CA:

I coached every week for the first four weeks of the FMD and it kept me on plan, kept me motivated, and made it a piece of cake (and kept me from eating one) all while planning, grocery listing, meal mapping and finding creative real-life ideas for success.

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