Join us for a free 7-Day Metabolism Makeover!

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Want some company for a week on the Fast Metabolism Diet? It’s always better with friends! JOIN US for 7 days of metabolic healing  and we’ll do it together.


This February, gather your friends, co-workers  and family for a revolutionary week of great food, amazing energy and metabolic repair.

Sign up today to receive a week’s worth of free meal maps, cooking strategies and exercise tips, Challenge your family and friends to join the movement. If you haven’t yet tried the Fast Metabolism Diet, this is the perfect way to jump-start your journey. And if you’ve already completed the diet, or are doing it right now, this is a great way to share your experience with loved ones.

Get ready! We start Feb. 17!

Our week together starts Monday, February 17, but SIGN UP by Feb. 14 (at 5:00 p.m.) to make sure you get your customized meal maps and grocery list.

It’s totally free — you’ll get:

  • A custom 7-day meal plan for the Fast Metabolism Diet
  • A complete grocery list
  • Alternative menus for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free
  • A make-ahead game plan
  • Daily emails with each day’s breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks
  • Exercise suggestions
  • Wellness tips from Haylie

Together, we’ll be making the recipes from Haylie’s two books. Thousands of us will be doing the following the same plan, preparing the same recipes in a shared experience.

Along the way, share your thoughts, successes and breakthroughs on Haylie’s Facebook page.

Get set! You’ll need Haylie’s books

All you need to participate are your copies of The Fast Metabolism Diet and The Fast Metabolism Diet Cookbook!
You’ll need them to prepare the recipes for each day’s meals. Don’t have the books yet? You can find them in any bookstore, or click the links above for retailers.

Sign up by Feb. 14 at 5:00 pm ET

Just sign up in the box below. You’ll get a welcome email in a couple of days with links to download your meal plan and grocery list.

We’ll also send a make-ahead plan a few days before we start on Feb. 17 so you can get a head start on the week’s meals, if you’d like to.

Let’s go!

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