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We love hearing your bright ideas! Recently, we shared Fast Metabolism Diet tips from readers on getting organized, shopping, finding support. This time, it’s all about food: favorite recipes, snacking tips and more.


Drink up!

Drinking half your body weight in water every day is a challenge for some, but it’s an important for the diet.

Kimberly K. keeps a 4-cup measuring cup full of water in the fridge. When she drains three of them, she’s met her water quota.

Chris F. has a similar suggestion. Fill up as many water bottles as you need for the day and keep them in the fridge at home or work. It saves you from doing the math later.

Save time and money by making a protein base

There are several meats that work for all three phases on the diet.. Carrie H., Gretchen B. and Wendy E. all like to make a big batch of protein: Lean ground beef, chicken or turkey. They add veggies that work on all phases, like onions, peppers, garlic, green beans. Cook it up in a slow cooker or Dutch oven. Then you can freeze some, and use the rest for your phases. Just add phase-specific veggies or broth, then use as a soup. or use the protein in lettuce wraps, on top of salads, or served alongside quinoa or rice.

Getting through Phase 2

It’s no secret: Phase 2 takes some extra planning and motivation for most people. The good news is that it’s only two days, and you can do anything for two days. Readers have some great ideas for making Phase 2 enjoyable and easy-peasy.

Jennifer S. is a fan of mini meatloaves made in muffin pans. Brown ground turkey or beef; add one or two egg whites, and veggies like peppers and onion. Fill a nonstick muffin tin with the mixture, then bake at 400 degrees for about 22 minutes. Now you have easy-to carry snacks for Phase 2. Top with mustard for an extra kick.

Making chili for Phase 2 (without tomatoes) is a top tip from Dawn B. She makes the basic chili from ground beef, turkey or chicken, with spices, chili powder or paste and peppers. Then for Phase 3, she adds beans, tomatoes and avocados to the leftovers.

Since there are no grains on Phase 2, breakfast can take a little more time to make.  Leesa W. has a good one. She makes scrambled egg whites with spinach the night before. Then she just reheats them quickly the next morning.

Mandi W. and Arcangela P. have a similar tip. She makes mini egg-white quiche/omelets in a muffin tin with veggies. Then she can use them as easy breakfasts or snacks.

Angie S. and Diane C. advise “make the beef jerky. ” Then you’ve got go-to snacks for Phase 2. Find the recipe here.

Since Phase 2 can be a cooking challenge for some try starting the diet on a Thursday, so your Phase 2 days are Saturday and Sunday, the days you’ll have a bit more time for cooking. That one comes from Satine K.

Remember, breakfast doesn’t have to mean breakfast foods. Vanessa P. says she likes stuffed bell peppers for breakfast on Phase 2!

Eating out

Melissa S. says to bring your own protein to a restaurant. Then she adds it to salad or steamed vegetables.

Scoping out a restaurant’s menu online first is a must, writes Jane P. Decide what you’ll order before you even get there and you won’t be temped by off-diet items.

You can also call ahead, particularly if you are going to a catered event. Caterers are used to handling dietary requests as long as they know in advance. When you arrive, let the staff know that you spoke to the caterer and requested the special meal.

Working your body, not your wallet

YouTube is my gym!” writes Fernanda A. You can find tons of cardio, resistance and yoga workouts online. Plug your laptop into your TV and you’re in business. And don’t forget about your local library. Most have a neglected section of exercise tapes and DVDs you can check out.

Check out your local parks too. Many city parks include a circuit you can do, with equipment and signs showing the exercises you can do.

Branch out!

Paula R. uses the diet as an opportunity to try things you thought you didn’t like. Our taste buds change, so the broccoli you hated when you were 10 might be your new favorite.

“Stretch yourself” suggests Kit W. Try new foods, new cooking techniques, and enjoy your time in the kitchen. Having a positive frame of mind as you “chop, stir, saute, cook and freeze will pay huge dividends” says Kit.

Keep those tips coming!


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