No More Nitrates

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Bacon, sausage, deli meats, jerky, smoked salmon—they’re all tasty ways to get the protein your body needs. Just be sure to get the nitrite-free versions. Here’s why:


Some chemicals with that bacon?

Ever notice the scary-long expiration dates on regular versions of these cured meats? That’s because they’re pumped with artificial nitrites (or nitrates). These chemical preservatives slow the breakdown of fat in the package—and unfortunately, in your body too.

Another reason to skip artificial nitrites: Your liver has to waste its valuable time breaking them down and flushing them from your body. You want to free up your liver to boost your metabolism, burning fat all day, every day, rather than wasting it’s time processing chemicals.

Luckily, it’s easy to find nitrite-free versions of just about everything. Just look for the words “naturally cured” or “no added nitrates or nitrites” on the label. Brands like Applegate, Coleman Natural, Niman Ranch, and Trader Joe’s are easy-to-find brands that never add artificial nitrites. Make sure to check the label, not all types will be on plan. Try local organic meat producers, too—they often sell nitrite-free versions.

Nitrite-free meats taste just like the regular kind, but they’re cured with natural foods like sea salt and celery juice (which contains naturally occurring nitrates that your body easily breaks down).

Always buy nitrite-free:

Jerky—perfect for your lean protein Crash Stash. Or, get creative and make your own with beef, salmon, or any meat you like.

• Bacon (including turkey bacon)

• Sausage (including chicken and turkey sausage)

• Deli meats

• Smoked salmon

Just remember that nitrite-free meats don’t have an artificially inflated shelf life, so keep these frozen until the day before you’re ready to eat them.

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