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7-Day Fast Metabolism Diet Challenge

Join me as I guide our Member community through a 7-Day Fast Metabolism Diet Challenge!

I have helped thousands of clients lose up to 20 pounds in just four weeks - all through the fat burning power of food. With this 7-Day Fast Metabolism Diet Challenge, you'll see how the power of food is the medicine needed to repair and rev up your sluggish metabolism to turn your body into a fat burning furnace!  

If you haven't yet tried the Fast Metabolism Diet, the 7-Day Challenge is the perfect way to begin your journey to a healthy metabolism.  

And if you've already completed the diet, or are doing it right now, this is a great way to continue your progress towards a faster metabolism.

    The challenge includes:

    • Custom 7-day meal plans for each Phase of the Fast Metabolism Diet 
    • Alternative meal plans for vegetarians and vegans 
    • Complete grocery lists 
    • Daily emails with each day's breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks 
    • Wellness and exercise tips

    The Fast Metabolism Diet Overview 


    Phase 1 


    Phase 2


    Phase 3


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    The Challenge takes place on my Private Member Facebook Group. Click on the Private Facebook Group link on the left-hand side of the Member Area. Enter your details, and you'll receive an email sent by Facebook to join the group within 48 hours. If you choose to not remain a Member, you will still have access to the Private Facebook Group until the end of the Challenge.

    Step 4:  Learn More about the Basic Success Bundle. 
    This program will help you have even greater success.  It's not required as part of the Challenge but many of our Members are now ordering this program.  The Success Bundle is on sale now.  Use Coupon Code:  FMD20FREE

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