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haylie-portraitRegistered Wellness Consultant and Nutritional Counselor Haylie Pomroy joined her first practice in Ft. Collins, Colorado in 1994. Recognizing the need for holistic, nutrition-based services, she opened her own Ft. Collins integrative clinic four years later, bringing nutritionists, homeopaths, and medical doctors under one roof to work collaboratively.

Since relocating to Los Angeles in 2004, Haylie opened a clinic in Encino and has joined a fourth multidisciplinary clinic of physicians in Burbank where she focuses on nutrition and food as medicine.

During her 21 years of clinical practice, Haylie Pomroy has created strong relationships with many of the world's leading physicians, personal chefs, personal trainers, and other professionals who often seek her advice on their most challenging cases.

She has consulted for top universities, hospitals, medical clinics, national sports teams, the Screen Actors Guild, the Writers Guild, and many of the major movie studios. Haylie's entire practice has been built on referrals from clients who have experienced amazing results from working with her.

In case you aren't able to see Haylie personally in one of her clinics, she has pulled together strategic in-home programs that to evoke real clinical change. They incorporate whole foods, delicious recipes, targeted shopping lists, sample and customizable meal maps, daily tips and the highest quality of supplements selected to maximize your success.

She is also proud to offer one-on-one phone coaching with a trained Haylie Pomroy Group coach who can guide and help you through your health and wellness goals.

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