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Candida Metabolism Cleanse - 14 Days

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The 14-Day Candida Metabolism Cleanse is valued at $492.00.  Now you can follow the same exact protocol used in Haylie Pomroy’s clinics.  The full program is outlined day-by-day in the downloadable e-book and uses the same strategic, clinically effective products that provide her clients tremendous success. Haylie designed this strategic protocol in her clinics to bring the body back to balance, to create homeostasis in the G.I. tract, lower inflammation, and overall body reactivity.

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Welcome to the Candida Metabolism Cleanse. The body’s ecosystem, its environment, is so diverse. We always have yeast and bacteria, all kinds of different pathogens that coexist in a balanced G.I. tract. Sometimes though things get out of balance and yeast, candida specifically, can wreak havoc on the body’s health. I often find individuals that have candida overgrowth, skin rashes, tremendous food allergies, acne, irregular periods, hormonal imbalances, thrush, and athlete’s foot. It’s as if the body’s environment is out of balance to the point where we get an overgrowth of something that was actually designed to be good in the body.  We have yeast as part of our flora because it absorbs toxins but often times when the balance gets off, or the toxin levels get too high, the body allows candida or yeast to overgrow. I designed this strategic protocol in my clinics to bring the body back to balance, to create homeostasis in the G.I. tract, lower inflammation, and overall body reactivity. The results have been nothing but profound. I am excited to share this program with you!

This 14-Day Candida Metabolism Cleanse bundle includes the following:

2)  Metabolism Shake (14 serving containers)
1)  Metabolism Candida supplement
1)  Metabolism Colon supplement
1)  Metabolism Mycotoxin supplement
1)  Metabolism ProBiotic supplement
1) 14-Day Candida Metabolism Cleanse Digital Program Guide with instructions, recipes, frequently asked questions and tips, meal map and food lists
1) FREE Haylie Pomroy Shaker Bottle

All day, every day, we are exposed to a variety of toxic substances in the foods we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink and in our environment. Many of these toxins can be stored in our bodies for years or even decades. Combine toxins with stress, fatigue, extreme dieting and/or substance abuse, and it is easy to see why everyone can benefit from a detoxifying cleanse. The Candida Metabolism Cleanse is designed to help restore your body’s natural detoxification system (which may be compromised, overburdened and fatigued) and promote a healthy state in which your body can begin to recover and function efficiently. The Candida Metabolism Cleanse can promote weight loss; many of our clients lose 10 pounds in 10 days. It can help stabilize high cholesterol, regulate hormones, promote mental clarity, and increase energy. The Candida Metabolism Cleanse supports healthy liver function, and many clients enjoy an improvement in the appearance of their hair and skin. We recommend cleansing every three to six months with your healthcare professional’s approval. Each day during your Candida Metabolism Cleanse, you will consume a combination of 2 shakes, 2 meals, and 1 snack. Your program guide contains a sample meal map and a 14-day meal map to help you customize your program. We recommend that you plan your meals out prior to beginning the Candida Metabolism Cleanse. Consume foods only from the Candida Cleanse food list.


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