The Truth About Fat

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A request I often see in my clinic is the reduction of visceral fat. Visceral fat is the stubborn fat that hangs out around your abdomen making your jeans too tight. This type of fat is more than just uncomfortable, it’s toxic to your body and is linked to cancer, heart disease, depression, diabetes and more.

Fat Facts
1) Fat is filled with toxins, especially metals
2) Fat is stimulated by inflammation and histamine specifically
3) Fat disrupts normal hormone production
4) Fat can be difficult to burn because it creates a hard outer shell
5) Fat cells never go away, but they can shrink

Don’t be alarmed, because I have a solution. We can work together to infuse your body with therapeutic supplements and micronutrients to help break through stubborn visceral fat. I have a strategic three-step supplement bundle that I use in my clinic to assist my clients cutting through that hard outer layer of fat so their body can remove toxins and shrink the fat cell.

My clients who are working past a plateau, or set point, often use my Fat Blaster Bundle to help their body move past the point of being stuck. I use Metabolism Enzyme Balance in the bundle because it works to break through the hard outer shell of fat cells so my clients can start losing again.

I talk about the process of losing fat in this video.

Watch Digestive Enzymes In Action

Fat Blaster Bundle


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