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  • Hello, guacamole: Fast Metabolism Diet Phase 3

    LET’S CONTINUE RINGING IN THE NEW YEAR WITH THE FMD SUCCESS BUNDLE! In case you missed the last couple weeks, last week, we’ve been discussing our best selling item, The FMD Success Bundle to get you prepared for 2015! In this series, you’ll learn how each component of the Success Bundle, in addition to the foods we eat, help to Unwind Stress, Unlock Stored Fat, and Unleash the Burn. We started off with […]
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  • Recipe from The Burn: Stuffed Zucchini

    Stuffed Zucchini
    My new book, The Burn, uses food to target specific conditions that may be keeping you from optimal health: inflammation, digestive issues and/or hormonal imbalances. The targeted recipes I use in the book are therapeutic, but also delicious. This recipe for stuffed zucchini is just one of the easy recipes for the D-Burn, targeting digestive […]
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  • 3 Ways To Work That Holiday Buffet Table

    Holiday parties are always good for lots of family, friends, fun and, of course, FOOD! Maintaining your health goals during the most wonderful time of the year can feel downright impossible. Every where you turn there are cakes, cookies and other goodies that are determined to make their way into your mouth. For many the […]
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  • Which ‘The Burn’ plan is for you?

    If you’re stuck on a weight-loss plateau, have some specific health issues that are holding you back, or have a short amount of time to lose weight, my new book, The Burn, is for you. But The Burn isn’t just one plan – it’s actually THREE plans. I call them “interventions” and each is designed […]
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