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Recent Articles

Wellness Articles

  • DIY Pizza

    +-*Have fun and be creative with this pizza recipe. It can also be a great source of a grain for Phase 1 and 3 of the Fast Metabolism Diet.
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  • Don’t fast before going fast: Eating and exercise

    +-*You definitely need to eat before a workout; otherwise, your body ends up burning muscle for fuel instead of fat. Nutritionist Haylie Pomroy explains.
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  • Eating and Exercising on Phase 1, 2 & 3

    +-* I like to tell my clients, “Don’t fast before going fast!” That’s because what you eat immediately before (and after) you workout is so very important. Follow along as I share how to get the most out of every phase with diet and exercise.
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  • Rule the restaurant: Tips for eating out on the Fast Metabolism Diet

    Cooking for yourself is one of the best ways to improve your health, your metabolism and your stress level. My love of food and cooking led me down this path towards my philosophy that food is medicine. But dining out is a part of life, just like weddings, business conferences and birthdays. Eating out on […]
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