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Wellness Articles

  • VLOG: How do I combine the FMD & The Burn?

    FMD & the-burn-book4
    +-*You’re looking to ignite your burn and wondering whether to start with a nutrition plans from The Burn or The Fast Metabolism Diet. In this video I tell you how both books are to be integrated.
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  • Mix-and-Match Kebabs

    Learn how to live the Fast Metabolism lifestyle Once you create your fast metabolism, you get to use it! Enjoy barbecues, birthday parties, holiday feasts — and really enjoy them. With the Fast Metabolism Diet, you’ll learn how to keep that metabolic fire roaring so you can handle every diet curve life throws your way. […]
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  • 10 Ways to De-Stress

    Sure, we all SAY we’d like less stress in our lives, but so many of us just ignore it, thinking that being perpetually frazzled is normal. But did you know that stress can actually hinder your efforts to lose weight? (more…)
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  • How I Use The Burn in My Clinics

    My first book, The Fast Metabolism Diet, grew out of my 20+ years of clinical practice, helping my clients conquer their health challenges, push past road-blocks, and use food as the medicine to heal their sluggish metabolisms. But some of my clients – and probably you, too – need extra help from time to time. […]
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