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  • Shop, But Don’t Drop

    Giving is better than getting, right? So bring on the holiday shopping. I have friends and clients that make epic shopping trips from 7:00 a.m. until dark, hitting all the sales. Don’t forget to fuel up before and during an all-day outing. Plan your meal times The best holiday sale shoppers are master strategists, plotting […]
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  • Use those leftovers! Spicy turkey tacos

    Spicy turkey tacos
    Call it crazy, but the Thanksgiving leftovers are just as good as Thanksgiving itself. And it’s such a time saver to have a big pile of leftovers to use. This recipe for turkey tacos lets you get creative with your turkey and leftover sweet potatoes too. The spiciness of these turkey tacos is a nice […]
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  • We Are Thankful For You!

    thankful thumbnail
      ORDER on the day that has your favorite gift or ORDER everyday and get all the goodness we have selected just for you!*   Monday & Tuesday Receive 1 FREE Bag of Mini Pops for your phase 1 or 3 grain to support those holiday adrenals!             Wednesday Receive 1 FREE Tin of Watermelon […]
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  • Micro-repair matters

    My new book, The Burn, includes three separate mini-plans, each of which targets a different issue. There’s the 3-day I-Burn for inflammation, the 5-day D-Burn for digestive issues, and the 10-day H-Burn for hormonal repair. Can you really effect total body transformation in as little as 3 days? Yes you can! Think about it. Maybe […]
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