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  • Haylie’s favorite herbal teas

    Caffeine-free herbal teas (hot or iced) taste great, but did you know they have benefits beyond flavor? Herbal teas are a key ingredient in my wellness regime. Here are a few of my favorites, and how I use them. You can enjoy caffeine-free herbal teas on any phase of the Fast Metabolism Diet. Choosing a […]
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  • The Fast Metabolism Revolution on Public Television

    My family and I have been huge supporters of public television for many years. So it is an amazing honor to be asked to support these stations during their annual pledge drive by hosting an hour-long special titled, “The Fast Metabolism Revolution.”  I am excited to announce that starting this week my information-packed special will begin airing […]
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  • Recipe from The Burn: Chicken mango salad

    Chicken Mango Salad
    My new book, The Burn, uses food to target specific conditions that may be keeping you from optimal health: inflammation, digestive issues and/or hormonal imbalances. The targeted recipes I use in the book are therapeutic, but also delicious. This chicken salad with mango dressing of one my H-Burn recipes. The H-Burn is a 10-day plan […]
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  • Welcome to the New

    I have wanted to do this for such a long time, to create a special space where I could give people more information and more tools to find health.   I have watched people want more of me over the last two years and now we have created a useful space to get your needs […]
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