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Recent Articles

Wellness Articles

  • VLOG: Can I Use Fish Oil on the FMD?

    In FMD Phases 1 and 2 we lower the amount of fat intake by the body to make other micronutrients available. In this video, I tell you whether you an essential fatty acid like a fish oil supplement is needed to balance things out.
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  • H-Burn: Crunchy Thai Salad

    The healthy fats in this crunchy Thai-inspired salad for the H-Burn will help your body begin to incinerate hormone-induced fat and turn those lumps and bumps into sleek, gorgeous curves.
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  • VLOG: How do I combine the FMD & The Burn?

    FMD & the-burn-book4
    You’re looking to ignite your burn and wondering whether to start with a nutrition plans from The Burn or The Fast Metabolism Diet. In this video I tell you how both books are to be integrated.
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  • Black Bean Quinoa Veggie Burger

    These protein-packed veggie burgers are a great way to use up leftover cooked quinoa. They’re super-hearty, satisfying and can be enjoyed on FMD Phase 1, Phase 3 and the D-Burn.
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