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  • Depression and Metabolism

    christmas sad
    Feeling the signs of depression is no fun game, and at this time, it’s so important to work on repairing the adrenals and thyroid to get a better handle on the symptoms. You can impact your mood and psyche by being strategic about the foods you choose and by following my 3 Rules!
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  • Quinoa Stuffing with Cranberries and Rosemary

    This naturally gluten-free stuffing is fresh, tangy, and so pretty, with the tricolor quinoa and ruby-red cranberries. Feel free to play around with this, adding your favorite herbs or veggies (some chopped pecans would be delicious in there!)
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  • Thanksgiving in a Jar (plus all the recipes you need for a scrumptious FMD Thanksgiving!)

    After you devour your yummy FMD Thanksgiving feast … What prettier, handier way to send leftovers home than these beautiful layered Thanksgiving jars? We love this for packing leftovers to take for work and school lunches, too.
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