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5 Ways To Heal Your Gut Fast Using Food Rx

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Have you ever eaten a meal and felt bloated or gassy, even if it was healthy? Clients often come into my office and repeat the mantra “you are what you eat”. But I like to explain that it’s really about, “you are what you digest and absorb”, and the gastrointestinal (GI) tract determines what you […]

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Coconut Almond Pudding

coconut almond pudding

This Coconut Almond Pudding is the perfect sweet treat for Phase 3. The coconut is not only refreshing but hydrating, and it’s loaded with healthy fats your body uses to speed up your metabolism!

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Food Rx: It’s What Your Body’s Been Asking For!

FMF Rx Book

Are you eating to thrive, or eating to survive? Every time you eat, you trigger metabolic changes. Your food choices directly impact how you look, how you feel, and how healthy (or unhealthy) you are. Fast Metabolism Food RX is going to give you a unique prescription to heal whatever it is you’re dealing with!

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Quick Beef Pho


This one-bowl meal is so much fun for a party (everyone gets to assemble his or her own bowl), or just as a fun treat for the family. It’s so incredibly easy!

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The Moo Myth: Calcium on the FMD


“If I don’t drink milk or consume dairy products, how can I get enough calcium?” This is a question we’re getting from those doing the Fast Metabolism Diet. Dairy just isn’t right if you’re trying to repair your metabolism, but isn’t dairy crucial for calcium? The answer will surprise you.

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Tuna, White Bean, and Arugula Salad


This protein-packed salad is a twist on that classic Italian combo of tuna and cannellini beans — and it comes together in almost no time, for a complete Phase 1 lunch-in-a-bowl.

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Can Chili Make You Look Younger?


It’s time to make a paradigm shift because today I want you to walk into your own pharmacy…your kitchen. That’s right, food is a prescription to health, and the kitchen is your pharmacy.

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Cincinnati Chili


Baby, it’s cold outside — time to snuggle up with a bowl of our (FMD-ified) Cincinnati Chili! It’s rich, hearty, and it’ll warm you up on a snowy night.

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The Kitchen is My Pharmacy


Like I always say, food is my medicine, and the kitchen is my laboratory. I want you to remember that E + M = H. Eating and Exercise (Environment) + Metabolism and Metabolic Pathways (Me) equals Health and Homeostasis (Harmony).

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