Phyllis’ Journey on the FMD

This journey is absolutely incredible! Phyllis is a shining example that The Fast Metabolism Diet is more than just a way to lose weight, and that you can actually feed your body back to health. And that introducing your body to the right foods can even have an impact on health issues like diabetes. Years of metabolic famine can be fixed with a targeted nutrition plan, like the FMD. Check out her amazing story below.


How I Got My Life Back

After many years of yo-yo weight loss and gains, I was desperate. Every morning upon waking, I would say to myself, “I need to lose weight.” And every day I couldn’t do it. Oh no, not another diet. I’ve been on many diet programs but none kept the weight loss off for long. I was tired of depriving myself. My last resort, I felt, was stomach surgery. I didn’t want to do it but I wanted my life back. I was already a breast cancer survivor, so I knew adversity and compliance. That was in 2012.

Then a wrench was thrown into my plans. In October 2012, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. My blood glucose was 256 and my A1C was over 10%. I was immediately put on metformin 750mg, twice a day. I was afraid to eat anything. I didn’t have any instructions on what to eat other than, “Don’t eat berries, bagels, bananas, grapes or pasta. And only 2 slices of bread a day.” I needed help. Between not eating correctly and fear of eating in general, I did manage to lose some weight, but not for long.

Enter Inspiration

Then one particular diabetic patient from where I work (I’m a dental assistant), came in. I noticed that she lost some weight. But what really shocked me was that her updated dental x-rays showed marked improvement in her bone. I asked her how she lost the weight. She proceeded to tell me about the Fast Metabolism Diet and how it helped her so much with her diabetes, that her doctor reduced her diabetic medications by half. I thought, well, if she can do it, so could I.

At my heaviest, I was 280 (first picture), down to 260 in 2012 (second picture). I hated pictures. So, on December 29th, 2014, before my New Year’s Resolution, I started my FMD program and I never looked back.

I went to an endocrinologist in January, 2015 for guidance, a glucose monitor, lancets and test strips. I hated finger sticks. But I was compliant.

In July, I went back to see my endocrinologist after being on FMD for 6 months. I had actually been looking forward to this appointment. New scenario now! Down 50 lbs., A1C was 5.5% and she cut my metformin to 500mg a day!!! What could be better??? Well it did get better. She told me if I kept up the good work and my finger sticks and A1C continued to go well, she would take me off the metformin altogether. I was so happy that I left her office in tears. Oh, and I did tell her it was all due to choosing the right diet program and told her it was the FMD program. She was very impressed. But she wanted to see me again.

67 pounds lost and no more meds

November 2015, after being on FMD for 10.5 months, losing 67 lbs., and meds slashed by 2/3’s, my doctor took me off all diabetic medication. NO MORE DIABETIC MEDICATION!!! And in early 2016, my cardiologist discontinued my blood pressure and cardiac meds. I’m totally medication free.

I am 188 lbs. right now–thinner than the day I married my husband. I never thought that I could even come so close to this point.

I gave my endocrinologist a copy of Haylie’s book so she could understand why I was so successful. And I have recommended the FMD book to many friends (and patients from where I work) that have asked how I lost all of my weight. I can’t sing FMD praises any higher.

No one said that this would be a piece of cake (oops, I meant easy). You get what you put into it. I still need to work on my weight loss (goal 20 lbs. more) but at least my diabetes is, do I dare say this, REVERSED. I never thought it possible even after reading many articles that state it could happen. That was my main goal for starting FMD (and the weight issue too).

Thank you, Haylie, for writing this program and showing us a healthy life path. I wish that I had found it sooner. Thank you, administrators, for answering our constant, repetitive questions or showing us how to find our own answers. Thank you to the FMD Group Facebook page members for your selfies, support, tips, recipes, questions, problems and concerns. That’s how we learn and grow.

Life is good! No…life is great!!!

Phyllis DeMarco