Missy S. - Missy S.

Missy S.

Weight loss: 113 lbs Aside from the weight loss, the best benefit was getting off all of my meds after just 6 months. My doctor says that I don’t even need ...
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Jim A. - Jim A.

Jim A.

Weight loss: 74 lbs Forty-nine years old, turning 50 on September 12th. Back in mid may I was approaching 380 lbs, and had been promising my wi...
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MaryEllen S. - MaryEllen S.

MaryEllen S.

Weight loss: 60 lbs Been a yoyo dieter since I was very young. Never learned how to eat correctly.. Wanted a lifestyle change and The FMD did i...
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Patricia M. - Patricia M.

Patricia M.

Weight loss: 52 lbs I decided to read the book first and was impressed with what I read. The information debunked everything I have ever read and more impor...
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Laura S. - Laura S.

Laura S.

Weight loss: 20 lbs I was curled up on the sofa watching AETN., Arkansas PBS station. I was getting desperate about my weight. I am 55 and I have never had ...
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Denise - Denise


Weight loss: 65 lbs I never have heartburn anymore. I have a ton of energy. My hair, nails, and skin look wonderful. I have lost all of the weight even thou...
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Shelley E. - Shelley E.

Shelley E.

Weight loss: 80 lbs We both started the diet January 6th, 2014. A BIG Thanks to Von Muse! Shelley has lost 55 pounds with 20 pounds to still lose... ...
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Jodi B. - Jodi B.

Jodi B.

Weight loss: 21 lbs The FMD got me off of the perimenopausal weight gain path. I worked out 5 times a week for over an hour each session and continued to ga...
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Brian L. - Brian L.

Brian L.

Weight loss: 34 lbs I started Fast Metabolism on June 2nd and was 332 lbs. Today I am 298 lbs and have lost a total of 34 pounds in a little over 30 days! I...
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Kelley M. - Kelley M.

Kelley M.

Weight loss: 73 lbs As a breast cancer survivor diagnosed at 28, it's important to eat healthy and keep your weight down. Funny, the prescription medication...
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Patricia K. - Patricia K.

Patricia K.

Weight loss: 40 lbs The FMD Lifestyle change for me!! Learned sooooo much about my body and nutrition. Had cholesterol of over 300 now it is 16...
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Michelle R. - Michelle R.

Michelle R.

Weight loss: 140 lbs Well to begin with I no longer have swelling in the lower legs or frequent migraines. It has been a complete life changer. Before I was...
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Scott Z. - Scott Z.

Scott Z.

Weight loss: 60 lbs After moving to a new city and feeling somewhat bloated and depressed I learned about the Fast Metabolism Diet. The timing was perfect, ...
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Diana B. - Diana B.

Diana B.

Weight loss: 75 lbs Started The Fast Metabolism Diet in October 2013. Am at my goal weight for the first time in many years. I have experienced...
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Craig M. - Craig M.

Craig M.

Weight loss: 50 lbs Testimonial: I love this way of eating. God truly blessed me the day he showed me this diet! I have been struggling with my weight for a...
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Danimaris F. - Danimaris F.

Danimaris F.

Weight loss: 47 lbs My weight skyrocketed 14 years ago after I had my daughter. The years that ensued were filled with diet fads and quick fixes that were easily undone. Nine mont...
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Julie M. - Julie M.

Julie M.

When Sue introduced me to The Fast Metabolism Diet book in 2013, I had three young kids and it seemed like a lot of work and incorporated a lot of food I didn't think I’d like. I had been ...
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Laura - Laura


Before Laura and her family did The Fast Metabolism Diet, they were dealing with weight and cholesterol issues, just like lots of families. Now, Laura and her family are on the right track choos...
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Leilani R. - Leilani R.

Leilani R.

My favorite phase was Phase Three. I liked the toast, avocado, and tomato for breakfast during that phase. I also enjoyed sweet potato fries (Phases One and Three). ...
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Stacy - Stacy


After having children, Stacy B. from Brighton, Colorado wanted to drop 75 pounds. Other weight-loss plans worked, but at a snail’s pace. With The Fast Metabolism Diet, Sta...
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