Stacy B.

After having children, Stacy B. from Brighton, Colorado wanted to drop 75 pounds. Other weight-loss plans worked, but at a snail’s pace. With The Fast Metabolism Diet, Stacy lit her metabolism on fire. So far, she has lost 50 pounds — and counting. Read her story.

"I felt the fat being flushed from my body" 

Q. What led you to try The Fast Metabolism Diet?

I was determined to drop the weight I needed to lose once and for all. I am done having children and it is time to be healthy again.

My mom had just finished Haylie’s “Fast Metabolism Diet” and had remarkable success. She encouraged me to take a look at the book and give it a try. After reading the book, I decided that I can give up anything for 28 days!

Q. How was this diet different than others you’ve tried in the past?

I’ve done Weight Watchers before, and it worked — but it’s a slow process. It took me six months to lose 30 pounds. I was proud of myself but just felt like I would be doing this “weight loss journey” forever. Then I tried The Fast Metabolism Diet. In the first 28 days, I lost 17 pounds!

One woman told me, “It looks like you are losing weight differently.” I felt the fat being flushed from my body as the weight came off.

Q. What were your favorite foods/phase?

Phase 1! I like fruit, so this one was the easiest to do. The mango smoothie recipe in the book is my favorite. I also really like Haylie’s pepperoncini pork roast (from Phase 2) and her chili recipes (Phases 1 and 3).

[Check out the recipes for Turkey or Buffalo Chili, or for Vegetarian Lentil Chili.]

Q. What was the most challenging aspect and how did you overcome it?

It’s always tempting to cheat when you have a family and they’re not eating the same foods that you are. It was easiest for me to prepare my meals ahead of time and have them ready. That way, I didn’t have to prepare two meals at once.

Q. How much have you lost?

I have officially lost 50.6 pounds as of today. I’m hoping to lose another 20 to 25 pounds.

Q. How are you keeping it off?

It has actually been easy to keep the weight off — I just try to stick with foods that are part of the plan. I know that I can keep the weight off for good now. Thank you Haylie for the very easy diet with the HUGE RESULTS!!

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