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  • Pre vs. Probiotics and 5 Ways They Can Boost Your Metabolism

    Fermented salsa
    Your body contains nearly 100 trillion bacteria, which is more than 10 times the number of cells in your entire body. It’s incredible – we are literally made up of bacteria!  Your gastrointestinal, or G.I., tract is one of the most important homes for that healthy bacteria. Here, they serve to secrete enzymes, help to […]
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  • Oat Pancakes

    Who doesn’t love pancakes? These are a perfect option for P1 breakfast because they will make you feel full. This recipe allows you and your family to enjoy a healthy and filling breakfast. Plus, kids love pancakes and this is a good way to sneak them veggies! 😉
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  • Laura’s Amazing Family Transformation

    5 months
    Before Laura and her family did the Fast Metabolism Diet, they were dealing with weight and cholesterol issues. These issues are very common in today’s society, but also very correctable – all it takes is the right foods. Now, Laura and her family are on the right track choosing real food for real results.
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