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Meet our Founder and CEO

Haylie Pomroy is the Founder and CEO of The Haylie Pomroy Group, an integrative health care practice that helps clients achieve their health, wellness, and weight loss goals through patient empowerment, strategic programs, and the understanding of how food can be used as medicine.

A Health Strategist for over 25 years, Haylie is a sought-after Wellness Consultant who has worked with nationally recognized and highly regarded physicians at top hospitals and medical institutions throughout the world. Her expertise has helped diagnose and heal a wide range of issues and disorders related not just to weight and metabolic dysfunction but also to digestion, hormonal balance, autoimmunity, and more.

Haylie’s journey began when she was diagnosed with her own autoimmune disorder. Her research into the mechanisms and biochemistry of her disease led to the development of a supplement line and a range of customized metabolic programs that focus on the strategic application of nutrient-dense foods and supplements to help others reclaim their health in the most efficient, effective, and safest way possible.

Haylie’s formal education in agricultural and animal science at Colorado State University allowed her to acquire a deep understanding of how nutrition can drastically impact not just animals but plants, the soil, food sources, the human body, and ultimately, health in general, as it applies to multiple systems. She went on to study herbal medicine, homeopathy, biochemistry, biofeedback, micronutrients, laboratory testing, and patient advocacy, in order to create a truly integrative healthcare approach for her community. She continues to study, in a constant quest to evolve her understanding of what creates and maintains health.

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