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Hello! I'm Haylie Pomroy

Health Strategist, Celebrity Nutritionist, Metabolism Whisperer, Food is Medicine Advocate & Assistant Director of Integrative Medicine.

Do you know the #1 thing that is getting in the way of the health that you deserve...TOXINS!!!

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Take the guesswork out of speeding up your Metabolism. A slow Metabolism can cause easy weight gain, fatigue, dull brittle hair, crepey skin, hormone imbalances, anxiety, and depression. You can promote deep sleep, increase libido, relieve pain, balance blood sugars, lower cholesterol, gain energy and feel joy! Let us teach you daily tips, tweaks and tricks to hit your goal!

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Our Founder and CEO - #1 NYT Best Selling Author

Haylie Pomroy is the founder and CEO of The Haylie Pomroy Group, an integrative health care practice that helps clients achieve their health, wellness, and weight-loss goals through strategic programs fueled by world class supplements. Haylie serves as the Assistant Director of Integrative Medicine at the Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine and The Institute for Neuro-Immune Medicine at Nova Southeastern University.  

A health strategist for over 25 years, Haylie is a sought-after wellness consultant who has worked with nationally recognized and highly regarded physicians at top hospitals and medical institutions throughout the world. Her expertise has helped diagnose and heal a wide range of issues and disorders related not just to weight and metabolic dysfunction but also to digestion, hormonal balance, autoimmunity, and more.    

Haylie’s journey began when she was diagnosed with her own autoimmune disorder. Her research into the mechanisms and biochemistry of her disease led to the development of a supplement line and a range of customized metabolic programs that focus on the strategic application of nutrient-dense foods and supplements to help others reclaim their health in the most efficient, effective, and safest way possible. 

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