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Kim was through with gimmicky diets — she knew she needed a total lifestyle makeover to get healthy and stay that way. She found it with the Fast Metabolism Diet. Q: What led you to try The Fast Metabolism Diet? I was in need of a total makeover but from...

Stay-at-home mom Denise T. had given up on losing weight: “I figured that I was genetically destined to be fat my whole life.” That all changed when a friend introduced Denise to the Fast Metabolism Diet and enrolled her in a Facebook support group. Q: What led you to try...

Health concerns and the search for “a jolt to get started” losing weight prompted Sheila and Sean – both in their early 60s – to start the Fast Metabolism Diet in late April. Now, just three months later, this married couple’s success is drawing lots of attention and encouraging others...

This is a fantastic story all the way from Italy! Martina was in her 40s, and her health wasn’t where she wanted it to be. She was also going through menopause, and she wasn’t sure there was a solution. With the help of a friend and the amazing support of the...

Weight loss: 113 lbs
Weight loss: 74 lbs
Weight loss: 60 lbs
Weight loss: 52 lbs
Weight loss: 20 lbs
Weight loss: 65 lbs
Weight loss: 80 lbs
Weight loss: 21 lbs
Weight loss: 34 lbs
Weight loss: 73 lbs
Weight loss: 40 lbs
Weight loss: 140 lbs
Weight loss: 60 lbs
Weight loss: 75 lbs
Weight loss: 50 lbs
Weight loss: 47 lbs

When Sue introduced me to The Fast Metabolism Diet book in 2013, I had three young kids and it seemed like a lot of work and incorporated a lot of food I didn't think I’d like. I had been overweight almost my entire life, so I quickly dismissed the Fast Metabolism Diet and maintained my existing eating habits. I continued to feel tired all the time and didn’t have a clear idea about how to take care of myself.

Before Laura and her family did the Fast Metabolism Diet, they were dealing with weight and cholesterol issues. These issues are very common in today's society, but also very correctable - all it takes is the right foods. Now, Laura and her family are on the right track choosing real food for real results.

Leilani lost 57 pounds on The Fast Metabolism Diet -- and gained better skin, a happier mood, and a revved-up marriage. Here is Leilani's story. Q: What led you to try The Fast Metabolism Diet? My brother lost weight using Haylie's plan. He set me up to work with Haylie....

After having children, Stacy B. from Brighton, Colorado wanted to drop 75 pounds. Other weight-loss plans worked, but at a snail’s pace. With The Fast Metabolism Diet, Stacy lit her metabolism on fire. So far, she has lost 50 pounds — and counting. Read her story."I felt the fat being...