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Diana B.

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Started The Fast Metabolism Diet in October 2013. Am at my goal weight for the first time in many years. I have experienced other health benefits besides the weight loss. I no longer need blood pressure medicine, I have had fibromyalgia for many years and Praise God it is so much better, I suffered from boil-like sores and they are gone, I have issues with my back and neck which has me going to the chiropractor - now the adjustments are staying in so much better, I am on thyroid medicine (because of my thyroid being removed) and the dosage has been reduced, my lipids (cholesterol etc.) are so much better, my triglycerides are finally in the normal range which were running in the 200-300+ range, I am exercising and before it hurt just to walk, the swelling in my knee do to osteoarthritis doesn't occur as often, I can breathe so much better, I was suffering from terrible heartburn-now it is completely gone, planter fasciitis pain so much better- almost gone. I can only imagine the benefits inside me that I can not see! 

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