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It’s important to understand that our bodies produce enzymes throughout our body that help activate and carry hormones throughout the body. This tests how strong the digestive enzyme reserve is in your saliva by challenging them with something acidic—in this case a lemon—and how long it stabilizes after that. 

I won't take a D without a K.  But not just any Vitamin K! Want to know why? Ok, here we go… First let me tell you that I have been studying the Vitamin K family and its role of immune modulation, clotting factors and adipocytes, (fat cell metabolism) since...

Science Geek Out with Me! Who cares what form of Vitamin D you take? I do! There are basically two forms of Vitamin D: D2, ergocalciferol D3, cholecalciferol The body can convert both of these forms into a bioactive form, but the liver must do the work. D3 is much...

Ready for Another Cutting Edge Journey? I was in clinical practice for over 20 years before I decided to write the book The Fast Metabolism Diet. I had witnessed countless diets torment my clients by promoting abstaining from food and torturing them with counting calories or grams of fat. I saw guilt...

Whenever a new client comes into my office, one of the first things we do is sit down together and complete a Self Assessment.
Our community tends to have more questions just before a Cleanse or challenge. People might be unsure if they are ready or if they can do it, while others know what they need to do and are ready to go.
Exercise is like lighter fluid for your metabolic fire. A little cardio, a little weight training, and a little stress maintenance every week is crucial to staying healthy. I tell my clients all the time that if I could bottle a product that would give them the same health benefits that moderate exercise and stress reduction give them, I would be a billionaire and we would all be kicking it back on my yacht.
I’m going to take you through the lemon challenge, or what we call the digestive reserve test. If you are using micronutrients to heal the metabolism (which science tells us is the only way), we have to extract them from food. To do that, we have to digest them and break them down. This is why digestive reserves are so important. Our enzymes also help open receptor sites for hormones.

When your body experiences chronic stress, it hoards fat. Metabolic Intervention Exercises (MIEs) reverse that response. MIEs also stimulate your circulation, increase blood flow and lymphatic flow, and facilitate waste removal. On top of all that, they feel great, so don’t skip them! Dry skin brushing can play a phenomenal...

In an article just published in USA Today’s Best Years magazine, I got the chance to share some of my favorite nutrient-dense recipes that keep our bodies healthy and our immune systems primed, as well as some tips, tricks that make cooking at home a breeze—like freezing fresh produce to use for soups and stews whenever inspiration strikes! 


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