I've Had It Up to Here with Vitamin D...

Ready for Another Cutting Edge Journey?

I was in clinical practice for over 20 years before I decided to write the book The Fast Metabolism Diet. I had witnessed countless diets torment my clients by promoting abstaining from food and torturing them with counting calories or grams of fat. I saw guilt and shame being used as a weapon against them to keep them on programs that were so dysfunctional that they would never apply to the lives of their children or even their dogs! So, one day I decided that I needed to offer a solution that my clients were rejoicing in by falling in love with food for all that it can do for their bodies. That was how the Fast Metabolism Diet was born.

I have been having a similar feeling about what has been going on in the Vitamin D world. First and foremost, I would like to remind everyone that I have been formulating supplements for many companies under many labels for over 20 years. We carried a Vitamin D supplement on our website about 6 years ago, however I did not have control over the changing of ingredients and was not satisfied with the testing and purity of the product, so I discontinued it. I have since attempted to partner with 3 other manufacturers who have all been sold to large pharmaceutical companies which completely degraded the quality and purity of their vitamin D ingredients—leaving the labels with very enticing claims but junk inside the bottles. Even in writing this, I am having to be very careful with my words because the subject infuriates me.  

There are thousands of well-researched claims about Vitamin D and the health, metabolism, hormone and immune benefits.  I just wish that the content of the supplements inside of all of these bottles being sold had the power to back the claims.  

Well, I am jumping into this arena again with a product I feel very, very proud of. As long as I can control the ingredients and the purity, we will now be offering a Vitamin D3 & K2 at hayliepomroy.com.

This is a very worthy supplement to shepherd into our community and trust me, I have had a very watchful eye as it has entered our catalog of elite offerings. 

Please keep in mind, if there is anything that I am not completely 100% over the moon about what is inside these bottles in the form of raw ingredients, purity testing, quality testing, bioavailability testing etc., I will not carry it.  

Like protein sources, Vitamin D can be a very dirty raw ingredient so we all have to be very, very careful as to where and how we source it.  

If you are sensing a bit of sternness in my writing today, it is because I take my health, my clients' health, your health and our commitment to that very seriously.

This is a time for discussion. Let’s begin on yet another amazing journey of claiming your health together!

This is #1 of a 3-part series so please join me on this journey. 

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