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You may have heard that blood sugar is bad and that we need to eliminate it from our diet. However, without real sugar that comes from fruits and vegetables, your body will not be able to generate energy to build muscles, develop your immune system, and keep your entire body healthy. What’s worse, starving ourselves from natural sugar will trigger our body to consume the sugar stored in some of our organs like the muscle or liver, and they will be in danger of wasting away. Sugar gives you cellular energy to make life go on. On today’s show, Haylie Pomroy breaks down some of the myths we believe about blood sugar issues. She also discusses the importance of checking our blood sugar data several times during the day to create a true prescription for health. Tune in and learn the best times to check your blood sugar, how you can use sugar efficiently, and many more.

You need to keep your blood pH or your blood's ecosystem stable. In this episode, Haylie Pomroy talks about bringing your body to balance. Tune in and discover how you can test your pH and what it can tell you about what to eat and when to eat it. Not only that, but your blood's pH also tells you a lot about your health. Listen to your body and act accordingly. Want to learn more? Don't miss out on this episode!

People should remove any guilt, shame, or blame from eating food. Don’t stop eating just because you’re following a very strict dietary plan. Eating is still on the table as long as it has the proper nutrients and health benefits. Join your host, Haylie Pomroy as she talks about the importance of making peace with food. Find out why she is against food with chemical additives and learn a few healthy lifestyle hacks.

Metabolism affects every aspect of life and health and it is up to us to keep ours in the best shape. Unless you’ve run into this episode by complete accident, it would be safe to assume that you’re ready to take the next step to make a significant positive impact on your health. If you are, then you’re in the right place. Here is a list of 20 simple tips that you can start applying to your lifestyle so that you can achieve faster metabolism, weight loss, and overall better health. Haylie Pomroy gives us a quick summary of the contents of her guidebook, 20 Tips to a Fast Metabolism. For a more detailed discussion of each of this tips, make sure to download the guidebook for free! 
Is there such thing as good metabolism? Leading health and wellness entrepreneur Haylie Pomroy goes back to the basics of metabolism in order to give us an idea on how it affects our body and how a better understanding of its process will enhance the way it works. What can one do in order to sustain a healthier lifestyle? Haylie points out the important components that influence how metabolism works and what you can do to ensure it is doing its best to help you achieve a healthy body.  

Are you having a hard time losing weight? Metabolism and the food we eat go hand-in-hand in determining our health and the type of life we get to have. World-class nutritionist Haylie Pomroy discusses some of the questions about metabolism and how our food and lifestyle choices are crucial to our health. She also talks about years of experience being in the health industry that has guided her to create a program that can help get your health, weight, and life back on track.

When working on your health, one should always take note of metabolism because it plays such a crucial role in one’s body. The book, The Fast Metabolism Diet by world-class nutritionist, Haylie Pomroy says that pleasure can stimulate metabolism. Did you know that? You can actually learn more about metabolism and nutrition plans with these six book recommendations from Haylie herself. 

Metabolism goes beyond helping us to lose weight. To better understand the body’s way of regulating the metabolism, wellness consultant Haylie Pomroy talks through the metabolism essentials and explains each one of their function in the body. She also clarifies that while these essentials are not the only ones that help regulate metabolism, they are the most important and can easily impact and make a change in our current metabolic rate. Educate yourself to know more about what regulates metabolism to understand further the different factors that affect metabolism in our body.

There is no exaggeration of how important stem cells are to our body, especially when it comes to healing, repairing, and making changes. In this time of COVID, we need to learn how to take care of them more so they can protect us from the virus and other diseases. Haylie Pomroy invites an expert to the show to help us understand the power they hold to our health and wellbeing. She is with Dr. Rafael Gonzalez, a Ph.D. from the University of California, who is responsible for the development of clinical stem cell applications for several disease/trauma states. Here, Dr. Gonzalez dives deep into stem cell research and therapies that can support us in our journey towards good health—from cell-based immunotherapy to growing our NK cells (natural killer cells). He talks about how putting power on your plate can change the trajectory of your health and your cells, sharing the work they are doing now to understand how these cells help you become healthier. 

In today’s episode, Haylie Pomroy interviews America’s #1 Success Coach and the man behind the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, Jack Canfield. Having achieved phenomenal success, Jack put his experiences and wisdom into writing in his book, The Success PrinciplesHaylie and Jack dive into some of those success strategies, helping us navigate through areas where we might not be feeling, finding, or achieving success. He talks about the importance of taking action and accountability in your own life to achieve success and the importance of focusing on your health along the way. If you want to know how to become successful in all parts of life, then learn from those who are. Success leaves clues; and Jack has left many of those for us in this conversation.





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