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Have you ever noticed that when you gain weight, you tend to gain it predominantly in one area? Why does it happen? As we experience big hormonal changes—for instance after pregnancy, during and before menopause, or when our stress load increases—our body responds and adapts to those changes by using and storing nutrients differently. And if you can GAIN weight in one spot, I'm here to tell you that you can LOSE IT in one spot too. Listen as Haylie Pomroy shares how she has helped clients lose fat strategically for 20 years.  

Now for the big question: should you take the COVID vaccine or not? It can be a polarizing choice for many people, but for those who have autoimmune disorders, it’s not even an option. Whether you choose to vaccinate or not, Haylie Pomroy respects your decision, but she has a big caveat to all of that. Haylie believes that the most important thing you can do for yourself now is to double down on your foundational health. That means putting power on your plate and doubling down on the right food and supplementation so that your body can be in its healthiest state to fight off the virus, vaccine or no vaccine. Listen in as she shares some tips in which you can start to build that protection for yourself.

The pandemic has greatly shown us the importance of taking care of our health, now more than ever. However, with the current difficult time that we have, taking action towards becoming healthier can be so overwhelming. Helping you get over this dilemma, Haylie Pomroy, together with Mike, shares in this episode the seven actionable steps that can help transform you into a healthy you. These steps are practical and, though not overly complicated, can make a ginormous impact on your life. So follow along to this conversation and learn healthy habits that will move you from hopeless to hopeful and empowered. 

Oftentimes, when we go through menopause and we don't stay in balance, we gain weight. You may ask how do we lose this menopause-based weight gain? On today’s special broadcast, Haylie Pomroy tackles this question, along with other interesting ones, in this Q&A session. Other topics discussed include how we can balance bad cholesterol (LDL), good cholesterol (HDL), and triglycerides, and the relationship between leptin levels and weight loss. Don’t miss this very informative episode because there are a lot that Haylie is going to dive into.

How do we work towards fortifying and nurturing our immune systems during this health crisis? It all comes back to how we nourish our bodies and this cannot be taken lightly at all! Joined by her friend Mike Blate, Haylie Pomroy discusses an Immunity Shield protocol for inflammation and histamine response. The protocol consists of a guide for proper food, proper food lists and the proper supplements to take. They also talk about some other topics including the nocebo effect and the effect of our belief systems on our immunity. Your body is yours to nurture, but if you do need some support from professionals who know what they’re doing, Haylie’s programs are a very good place to start. Listen in and see which of her programs and offerings work for you! 
Power on Your Plate with Haylie Pomroy is a show dedicated to inspiring you to a delicious, achievable and healthier transformation! Connect with Haylie and her special guests as they share their personal stories of success and challenges with actionable steps to become the best you. With every episode, you will walk away learning something new, something different, and something empowering. Start your health transformation here on Power On Your Plate with Haylie Pomroy!
The best way to protect ourselves during this health crisis is to build our body’s immune system and enable it to resist possible infection. The best way to do that is to create a foundation of high nutrition using high-quality organic foods. However, not everyone has access to these and food supplements can go a long way in bridging this gap by providing essential nutrients that may be hard to come by. Joined by her friend Mike Blate, Haylie Pomroy addresses these issues by giving us tips on how to build up our immune systems, choosing effective supplements and other effective hacks to take full control of your own health during this crisis.

Have you been craving carbs lately? If you have certain cravings it is your body telling you something. Joined by her dear friend Mike Blate, Haylie Pomroy explains how your cravings are the result of your body’s reaction to stress and how you can feed that stress in a satisfying way without having to binge on a lot of refined sugar. It’s not that complicated at all!! Listen in for some of Haylie’s nutritionist/mom tips and learn where you can get plenty of healthy dessert recipes to satisfy your cravings in these cortisol-heavy times.

There is a lot of chatter and controversy for claiming that ibuprofen, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, can worsen the effects of the coronavirus. What effect do NSAIDs like ibuprofen have on our inflammatory response (the first line of defense against possible infections)? Joined by her friend Mike, Haylie Pomroy explains the physiology behind the inflammatory response, how chronic inflammation affects it and how drugs like ibuprofen can potentially affect it. It turns out that you don’t really need to take ibuprofen in the first place! Listen in for more.

Supplements can change your life when done right! In this episode, wellness consultant and nutritional counselor, Haylie Pomroy invites her community to a supplement round table, where she answers some questions on supplementation and food supplement products. What supplements are best to take daily? What supplements help with stress? Stay tuned as Haylie walks through strategic application of supplementation, potential benefits, and the ideal way to maximize their benefit!


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