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You are the only one who can truly take charge of your own health! In this episode, Haylie Pomroy explains the importance clearly defining what you expect from the practitioners on your health team. Haylie brings on one of her community members Melissa, who is struggling with hormonal imbalance and chronic fatigue. Together they talk about Melissa's health wishes and what talk about when she goes to her physician. Tune in to learn tools and tricks from Haylie as she teaches you how to advocate for yourself while speaking to your health care practitioner.

Sensational County Western Artist, Corri English ( and personal client of mine) Talks candidly about fertility, pregnancy, parenting, and some of the crazy things we did to get here there. In this episode, host Haylie Pomroy brings on long time client, actor, musician and podcast host, Corri English. Corri was having health issues and couldn’t figure out what was wrong when she came across Haylie in a simple internet search. Haylie shares her insights on metabolic stimulation, hormonal balance, anxiety associated with OCD, reproductive health problems and more health topics. Through Haylie’s Cleanse Programs Corri was able to recover and gain back a healthy life.

Going to a healthcare practitioner is more than just having check-ups and receiving prescriptions. It is also about having a relationship with them that will inspire them to take action in a way that feels best for you. In this episode, host Haylie Pomroy brings over a guest who will share her own experiences, highlighting the importance of how you engage with your healthcare practitioner. Particularly, they talk about creating a Request for Care to effectively convey what you want in a partnership, what your expectations are, and why you want it. Join them in this great conversation to learn how you can engage a health team, what medications you are taking, and more.

In today's world, it may seem like prescription medicines are the only health solution present to us. But for Haylie Pomroy, you can achieve a healthy body even without having to rely on medications. After having been diagnosed with ITP, an autoimmune disorder that attacks your body's platelets, Haylie went on a journey that led her to be able to bio-hack her body so that she did not even need the drugs. In this episode, she bares it all as she lets us in on her story of rediscovering health, sharing the principles she learned from watching plants, and seeing how her body not only is surviving but also thriving. How could you strengthen your body to weather the storm? What is your path to wellness? How can you free yourself from the weight of physical and emotional burdens? Is it possible to be drug-resistant? Haylie shows you the answers and more as she gives her food philosophies around nutrients to enrich the soil that is our body so we can grow, be healthy, flourish, and have an abundance of energy. 

Supplementation helps your body maintain homeostasis by regulating certain functions, but it’s not as simple as taking a cure-all pill. Wellness consultant and nutritional counselor, Haylie Pomroy returns with another supplement round table to answer some questions from three of her community members. What supplements should you take during perimenopause? Is there a way to know which supplements complement each other and which do not? What supplementation program works best for those with autoimmune disease? Listen in for Hailey’s enlightening insights on these questions.

“My kitchen was kind of my pharmacy. Food itself was what saved my life.” After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, Haylie Pomroy went on a journey that led her to create a wellness plan that helped her reclaim her health. At the heart of it is the power of food, where healing is found in what we put on our plate. In this episode, Haylie welcomes you to the first episode of Power On Your Plate, where she takes us into her story and the amazing things she has planned for the show. Follow along as Haylie takes you through the path to becoming outrageously healthy with the help of some of her friends and more.

We get exposed to numerous products day today, and unknowingly, many of these products greatly contain chemicals that are hormone disruptors. Be more informed and transform your life to be outrageously healthy as host Haylie Pomroy invites one of the most bright doctors there is, Jacqueline Fields, MD. Dr. Fields is a primary care doctor who's a dual board-certified in both primary care and integrative medicine. Bringing so much knowledge to the table, she discusses the chemicals in our skincare routine as well as in our surrounding that affects our health and diet while introducing us to her Dr. Fields' Sacred Skin. Dr. Fields also talks about how to be a proactive patient and leave that paradigm of victimization at the door, and how we can negotiate prices on our healthcare. Join her and Haylie in this great conversation as they further tackle the importance of food, doing hormone replacement therapy, and more to help you get the health that you desire. 

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