Episode 80: Healing Hormonal Weight Gain with the Fast Metabolism Diet

In this enlightening episode, host Haylie Pomroy welcomes Megan Raak, a certified Fast Metabolism Diet coach and experienced physical therapist. They dive into a candid conversation about using food as medicine and the power of nutrition in transforming health. Megan shares how she overcame health challenges through diet and lifestyle changes and how her son’s health struggles inspired her to offer hope and health to others.

Haylie and Megan explore the importance of validating one's health experiences and the challenging path to getting the right medical attention and support. They encourage the viewers to persist and empower themselves in putting power back on their plate and getting their health back on track.

Key points:

00:00 Introduction

03:59 Why nutrition should be emphasized in healthcare

06:21 Why coaches and practitioners should validate people’s health experiences

10:37 Coaches hear your silent health struggles

13:45 Why personalized nutrition coaching works

20:31 The benefits of remote health coaching

29:49 Coaches meet you where you are in your journey

31:00 The process of tailoring nutrition plans for every individual

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Megan Raak, a dedicated mother of three and an accomplished physical therapist. Her medical journey, marked by hormone imbalances, substantial weight fluctuations during pregnancies, an auto-immune disorder, and navigating the complexities of perimenopause, has given her a deep understanding of health and wellness. Megan embraces the flexibility of remote consultations. She believes that optimal health and well-being should be a universal right. She continues to inspire and assist people in prioritizing their health and advocating for a balanced and fulfilling life.

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