Answers to Popular Questions About the FMD, Supplements and Programs

Our community tends to have more questions just before a Cleanse or challenge. People might be unsure if they are ready or if they can do it, while others know what they need to do and are ready to go. I pulled some really good comments and questions from our member community to address today…

  • I’m getting a lot of questions about weight gain during quarantine or periods of stress. If you’re gaining weight while eating right, this usually means your body is not adapting to stress very well. If this is you, start by looking up the Power Foods in the Stress chapter of Food Rx. Also, grab The Burn and read about Success Boosters for the I-Burn. You can download digital copies very affordably on Amazon. To support stress hormones, look up magnesium-rich foods on our website, and take Metabolism Stress Blend. It has GABA, Suntheanine and a quality magnesium that permeates the blood brain barrier. This would also be a good time to test your digestive reserves with the lemon challenge to see how you’re breaking food down.

  • Someone asked if they can take Metabolism Stress Blend and Metabolism Energy together. Yes, I use my energy and stress blend in morning and noon, and then just stress blend at night. I find it helps with deep, deep sleep.

  • Another question is why I don’t advocate corn on the FMD. While corn has a lot of fiber, it also comes with like a bucket of sugar. We use corn a lot in animal science to help marble meat, and fat is really hard to break down once it gets layered into the muscle like that. That’s not the right thing for repairing your metabolism! 

  • Another member asked which supplements can be opened up and put on food. The one I would not do that with is Metabolism Enzymes. Pretty much anything else you could open up and sprinkle into a puree. We just had a house guest get a spider bite, and we opened up Metabolism Histamine and put that on topically with a little coconut oil. 

  • Another community member asked what to do if they get gassy from eating something with high protein. First, chew your food thoroughly, use Metabolism Enzyme Balance, and Metabolism Pro-Biotic. You can also add a lot of herbs and spices like cilantro and parsley. Your body has to break down micronutrient-dense foods first, so it’s important to also check your digestive reserves. If you have continued GI stress, might have a discussion with your dentist about how your bite may be affecting your digestion. I had a client who had done tons of crazy food allergy testing and restrictive food elimination diets, but the problem ended up being a bacterial infection underneath a crown. If you need help engaging with dentists or doctors, download and fill out my Request for Care letter.

  • What’s your opinion of Keto? Well, they’ve banned it as abusive behavior in the cattle industry. And while I’m very happy that dairy cows are being protected, I only wish that the diet industry was so good to the human species. I think I’ll just leave it at that.

  • The next question is about what to do about hair loss. I had a lot of hair loss at the crown many years ago after taking prednisone for my autoimmune disorder. (This is a main reason why I ended up bringing our T4/T3 product into our supplement line.) Everybody teases me now because now my hair is like a mop. :) With hair loss and constipation, there is always an autoimmune concern. If it’s more hair loss with soft, dimpled weight gain, I’m more concerned with sex binding hormone globulin and lack of hormone metabolism. A lot of people test testosterone in women for hair loss, but they forget to test sex binding hormone glubulin, or ferritin. Both are associated with how the liver makes nutrients bioavailable and how receptive we are to our hormones. Washing hormone receptor sites might be enough. You can also find out if your thyroid antibodies and thyroid peroxidase are in range to rule out Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. The aldolase or CK test is another fabulous one to run. 

You can post your questions on the Official Fast Metabolism Diet Members Only Facebook page. (If you’re not a member, you can use my FREE 15-Day Trial to experience all the perks of membership.) You can also find information in the articles and blogs in the Education section of my website. Keep taking your supplements, drinking your shakes and eating healthy!