Meet Metabolism Sweet

I love flavors. Decadent, rich, pungent flavors that stimulate pleasure and the metabolism.  I like to vamp up my tea, my lemon water, and even my oatmeal with liquid flavored stevia but it has become harder and harder to find brands that I can stand behind.

I have incredible news for you!

We have finally launched a flavored liquid stevia.  It has zero glycemic value and is Diabetic friendly.

Why has it taken so long you might ask?  Well, 99% of flavored Steria have a corn derivative and are hard on the metabolism because of it.  Corn can be fattening but also a catalyst for other food allergies.

A thought for you about food allergies:

Ironically, the foods you crave the most may be the foods to which your body is most intolerant. When I was a child, I used to crave plain butter and I would eat it right off the stick. Gross, right? But I couldn't help myself. I also suffered from eczema. I didn't know then that I was craving fat because my body needed it. Now I know that I need good fats, but I'm allergic to dairy. When I dropped the dairy, my skin cleared right up.

What's your weakness, your secret craving?

Sometimes, I ask my clients, "Let's say I have a magic wand and I can make your favorite or most craved food into the healthiest food on earth. What would you want me to use it on?" They admit that they are closet carb junkies or have intense cravings for sugar, chocolate, or cheese. That's when I gently suggest that maybe these are the exact foods they need to trim or eliminate from their diets, at least for a while.