Beach Walk-and-Talk: Let’s Talk Metabolism Tips!

The Fast Metabolism Diet is about food, but it isn’t only about food. Do at least one day of vigorous cardio in phase 1, like running, the elliptical trainer, an upbeat aerobic-based exercise class or even just a brisk walk. Let’s get our hearts pumping today while we talk about some helpful tips!

Not to brag, but my husband tells me that I make really flavorful foods, soups and broths and sauces. One trick is layering in your spices. You’ll notice a lot of my recipes start with things like garlic and onion. I pick those very strategically for flavor, but also as digestive tonics. So like in chili, I like to add cilantro and parsley, which help combat gassiness. 

When I do soups or stews, I will brown my meat before throwing it in the slow cooker or crockpot, or cook my yellow onions and garlic before throwing it in the crockpot to vamp up the flavor a little bit. It’s all part of food science. 

Unfortunately, the food science world also puts obesogens in prepared foods that can make foods addictive. You know that famous potato chip slogan, “No one can eat just one”? That’s because they contain neurotoxins, additives or preservatives that keep the body from breaking it down and metabolizing it for energy. And since our hormones don’t associate this with satiety, you crave more of it. 

Let’s cook and prepare our own foods! Have you seen our cooking classes and kitchen tips on our website? Hover over the recipes tab and you will see a drop-down menu for these. We’re starting to do more cooking classes for anyone who might need some ideas or support, like my Sauteed Asparagus with Red Onion, my Italian Chicken Skillet and even my Baked Carrot Cake Oatmeal Bars. (Those are so good.) 

The Kitchen Tips videos feature things like take the stickiness out of gluten free pasta by slightly undercooking it and rinsing with cold water. Make sure you’re digging into those tips! 

Another tool is our Fast Metabolism Diet App. It’s FREE, so use it during challenges to create and export grocery lists, and even adjust portion sizes based on your weight loss goals. It even has a water tracker!

I hope this got you kick-started. Try to keep your heart rate around 135 bpm during physical activity, if you feel like it gets too high, stop and do some alternate nostril breathing. 

I’d love to hear what you guys do to workout and exercise. Make it an amazing day! Remember to get on the App, and sign up for the next challenge.