Make Your Exercise Work With You in Healing the Metabolism!

Exercise is like lighter fluid for your metabolic fire. A little cardio, a little weight training, and a little stress maintenance every week is crucial to staying healthy. I tell my clients all the time that if I could bottle a product that would give them the same health benefits that moderate exercise and stress reduction give them, I would be a billionaire and we would all be kicking it back on my yacht.

Let’s talk about some tips and success boosters for using exercise to break through plateaus that I’ve learned after working in a clinic for 20-plus years:

Tip No. 1: It doesn’t matter if you walk on a treadmill, use a recumbent bike, or walk circles around your kitchen island as long as you keep moving. But, don’t fast before going fast! What I mean by that is make sure you eat prior to exercising or working out. When you exercise, your body accesses sugar stores in the form of glycogen. It’s an easy access to sugar, and it’s great for crisis hormones. But if you can consume natural sugars from complex carbs—like a sweet potato, brown rice, carrot, vegetable, or fruit—your body can extract the micronutrients from those foods as well as the sugars. Sugar from your muscle in the form of glycogen can be lifesaving in crisis intervention, but it won’t provide the cascade of phytonutrients to help heal a broken metabolism. If you don’t eat and you work out, you’re having a bicep sandwich, meaning you’re consuming the sugar from your muscle and the liver. 

Tip No. 2: Make sure you don’t secrete stress hormones when you work out! Be somewhere that’s visually stimulating or calming, and/or listen to some music, whether it’s Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Dolly Parton—whatever brings you joy. This will help put you in fat burning mode instead of staying in fat storage mode. Also, check your heart rate during exercise. When you start to get it above 145, the body signals a little bit of an increase in cortisol, the stress hormone. Ideally, try to keep your heart rate  sustained between 135-145. This doesn’t mean you can’t push yourself; it just means you need more supporting things to lower cortisol during the process, like trying some alternate nostril breathing for one minute between intense cardio bursts to reduce stress hormones during your workout. 

Tip No. 3: I’m always trying to trigger the right hormone cascade through workouts and food to increase the rate of burn for my clients. Sometimes we’ll do a health wish list, self assessment questionnaire, and sometimes the person we’re integrating into the team is going to be a trainer or health coach. When I’m trying to modify the structure of the body, we will splice in parts of the Metabolism Revolution program. The second half of that book gives you all kinds of tools for when life is happening to you and you don’t necessarily feel in control of your metabolic situation (like a pandemic, civil unrest or heartbreak). 

Metabolism Revolution works a lot on the anatomy of the metabolism, while the Fast Metabolism Diet works a lot on physiology. When working out with weights, which is encouraged on Phase 2 and on the Cleanse, make sure weights are heavy enough to create microtears in the muscle, because the hormones that stimulate repair are very important in shrinking fat cells. Remember, when fat cells are really stretched out, our body asks for even more of them. 

Think about this in terms of breaking a plateau when you’re working out with weights: If you can do 10 or 12 reps easily, it’s not heavy enough. Maintain good posture so you don’t hurt yourself, but by the third set, you should barely be able to do three or four reps. This stresses the smooth muscle to evoke metabolism-enhancing hormones to shrink those fat cells!

I definitely did not fast before going fast while I’m out exercising today… I had my Metabolism Shake before coming out. Let me know what you’re eating to feed your metabolism, and what you are going to do to get your exercise in! 

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