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Patricia M.

Weight loss so far in lbs:


Tell us your story:

I decided to read the book first and was impressed with what I read. The information debunked everything I have ever read and more importantly had internal conflict with. I am happy to write that I have motivated 20 friends and family member to jump on board. I give crash courses during lunch once a week hold meetings after school to share ideas and bring forth questions. The FMD is a clean way of eating for life and a pure way of nurturing on self evident in the preparation of meals and planning. Appreciate Haylie and the program.

How did you hear about the program?

A friend told me...

Do you have a favorite Haylie recipe?

Turkey Chili also Buckwheat pancakes

What is your favorite FMD tool?

The iPhone app it is instrumental in my small class review and a motivation tool.

What advice would you give to someone trying the FMD or The Burn for the first time?

Read FMD first is what I say to friends and family because it explains the process and offers sound explanations for how it works. Unwind unlock and unleash! Love it!

Other than your weight, what is the biggest change you have noticed about yourself or life since beginning your journey?

Energy and better sleep. Afternoon lows are gone and craving for sugar too!

Did you realize any other health benefits?

I feel more balanced and in control. Plus, I have lowered my thyroid medicine by two doses!

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