Laura S.

Weight loss so far in lbs:


Tell us your story:

I was curled up on the sofa watching AETN., Arkansas PBS station. I was getting desperate about my weight. I am 55 and I have never had an issue with my weight. I'm a dancer, a mother of 3, , a former collegiate athlete, and hold a masters degree in exercise science. I thought I had exercise and nutrition covered. But, I just kept getting bigger and bigger. Then I got caught up in Haylie's presentation. I watched the whole program from beginning to end and then bought two books, the cook book and the Fast Metabolism diet. The day I started the program I tipped the scales at 160 lbs. my best weight is about 135-140 because I am muscular and 5 ft 8. But 160 is unacceptable. I recognized that there were many factors contributing to my weight gain. Hysterectomy, terrible career decision, knee surgery, husband with cancer, children getting married.. But letting those events overtake my life was like giving up. I started trying everything..1000 calories a day, point counting, high protein, the lowest point was when I bought plexus. Oh my, really.. Did I do that? We eat fresh, mostly home grown food and I bought plexus out of desperation??? Well I didn't lose any weight with that but I certainly got a cleaned out intestinal system. I started the fast metabolism diet on dec 29. I mean really who starts a diet in the middle of Christmas holidays .. But I don't do New Years resolutions so why not Christmas. I sat down with the books and planned my three phases. I do mon/tue, wed/thurs and fri/sat/sun as my phase plan. I planned my meals and made my grocery list and headed to the grocery store, then. The scariest part. I cleaned out my fridge and pantry. The more I threw out the more liberated I felt. It was a catharsis. I knew I could do this for 28 days.. Surely I am that disciplined. I thought the sugar and caffeine would be the most difficult expulsion... Nope. Cheese. I did not realize how often I stopped by the fridge for cheese and salami. Out with it!! For 28 days I followed the plan exactly. I am now just over 3 months in the program, I have an occasional treat of Greek yogurt and granola, and an occasional treat of a slice of cheese and gluten free crackers. I am so glad I kept my best pants.. I wore them Easter Sunday. My whole family is on board with this method of eating. We think it has helped combat inflammation during my husband's radiation treatments and also has helped my constant insomnia. I tell someone about this everyday because so many people have commented on how great I look and how did I do it so fast.

How did you hear about the program?

I heard about the program while watching the PBS annual pledge drive during Christmas holidays in dec 2014.

Do you have a favorite Haylie recipe?

Oatmeal with fruit, lettuce wraps. Chicken and quinoa. Then I modified a beef and cabbage recipe to make stuffed cabbage leaves with a meat loaf mix Everyone loves it and can't believe it's in my plan.

What is your favorite FMD tool?

The food list for each phase

What advice would you give to someone trying the FMD or The Burn for the first time?

Just make up your mind you can do this for the time frame required take it week by week or day by day. Read Haylie's book... Be positive with yourself.

Other than your weight, what is the biggest change you have noticed about yourself or life since beginning your journey?

Re gaining my confidence with life... The struggles and successes.. At my age you begin to look back, maybe more than you should and then you get discouraged looking forward.... 55 is a tough age. Especially learning to do my work with less physical ability than before.

Did you realize any other health benefits?

Sleep is better. Less mid day crashes, less anxiety, more energy, and with more energy my creativity is revived. Accepting the discipline to follow the plan, phase by phase,  has helped me find my true self that seemed to have been lost in family, work, obligations.

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