Julie M.

Weight loss so far in lbs:


Tell us your story:

When Sue introduced me to The Fast Metabolism Diet book in 2013, I had three young kids and it seemed like a lot of work and incorporated a lot of food I didn't think I’d like. I had been overweight almost my entire life, so I quickly dismissed the Fast Metabolism Diet and maintained my existing eating habits. I continued to feel tired all the time and didn’t have a clear idea about how to take care of myself.  Sue began running a Fast Metabolism support group at our school for the teachers. She invited me a few times, but I was always too busy. I began to see some of the teachers become healthy and lean from the Fast Metabolism lifestyle. The idea of trying the Fast Metabolism Diet was a nagging thought in my head for months. In that time, several friends were diagnosed with cancer, and I had high blood pressure, was easily winded going up the stairs and honestly, I was starting to feel really old. I started the FMD on the WORST possible Monday ever. The day before, I had to put my dog to sleep. The night before, I started a skin cancer topical treatment on my nose that made it blister. I didn’t sleep a wink. And, to top it off, my husband went out of town for most of the week. I can’t believe I made it through that first day without caffeine or junk food! From that day forward, I decided to stick with the FMD no matter what.

How did you hear about the program?

I first heard about the Fast Metabolism Diet (FMD) from Sue Cook. She was my children’s first-grade teacher that became a dear friend.

What advice would you give to someone trying the FMD or The Burn for the first time?

When I finally sat down and really read The Fast Metabolism Diet, It initially took two weeks to read, plan and shop.

Other than your weight, what is the biggest change you have noticed about yourself or life since beginning your journey?

Before I started the Fast Metabolism Diet I was busting out of a size 16 and now I am between sizes 8 and 10. I do eat birthday cake occasionally. I indulge during a date night at restaurants and even enjoy a cocktail sometimes. But, I always keep going with the FMD because I feel SO AMAZING when I do. Sue was there whenever I needed her and she always answered my question, encouraging me along my journey. Her support and the Fast Metabolism Diet changed my life

Did you realize any other health benefits?

I lost seven pounds in the first week, which seriously got me motivated. I started getting compliments every day. It felt incredible. I learned to enjoy more vegetables and even started craving them! I’m happy to report, I even made it through the holidays on the FMD. I deviated a tiny bit but always went right back to eating the FMD way. I lost 54 pounds in seven months.

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