Sean and Sheila

Health concerns and the search for “a jolt to get started” losing weight prompted Sheila and Sean – both in their early 60s – to start the Fast Metabolism Diet in late April. Now, just three months later, this married couple’s success is drawing lots of attention and encouraging others to take the leap as well.


Q: What led you to try The Fast Metabolism Diet?

Sean: My wife made me do it!

Sheila: I happened upon an article in one of “those” magazines while having a pedicure. It said, “Lose 20 pounds by Memorial Day!” How many of those articles have I read? Yet, I still read this one. And it was different.

My usual diet would be “high protein,”  — I hate Weight Watchers! But when I read the article, then the website, and then the YouTube videos, I thought that the food combinations made sense, especially that “body in starvation mode” thing. I suggested to my husband that we try it.

He had been approved for knee replacement surgery, but was told that he had to lose 55 pounds before it could be done. I have been on a steady path of weight gain for about 10 years and was (finally) ready to commit to a diet. So, we did!

Q: How did you feel while on the diet? How much have you lost?

Sheila: OMG, as the kids say! Both of us are in our early 60s. We work and are active, but my husband’s knee problem has started to make it hard for him to get around. We are looking forward to the surgery so that he can get back to walking without pain. I guess that we had some extra motivation.

We had no trouble maintaining the diet recommendations. We actually love it! In the first 28 days, my husband lost 23 pounds and I lost 18 pounds. Now, we are at the end our third cycle of 28 days. Both of us have lost 35 pounds. Very cool!

But we are not done. We cannot stop until he has lost enough to have the surgery (only 20 pounds to go…I think he should go ahead schedule it!). I am going to have to move into the “20 pounds or less” category for menu planning!

Q: Did you notice changes other than weight loss?

Sheila: My husband’s cholesterol dropped significantly (now in the expected range), as has his blood pressure. Both of us were delighted! As many of our friends and family have noticed the change, several have started on FMD as well; at least seven are on the plan right now.

We are getting so many compliments. Funny how people react…they see a difference, but they are not sure what it is. I respond with appreciation and say that it is really the 35 pounds I lost. They gasp!

Q: What were your favorite foods/phase?

Sheila: We both love Phase 3, although none of them are really hard. We love the limited exercise (and the Phase 3 massages).

Q: Have you encountered any challenges? How did you overcome them?

Sheila: Our first weekend was a family birthday party and we had no trouble staying on the plan. It has been smooth sailing throughout. We think that the key is that we are doing this together. Sean keeps his iPad on the kitchen counter with the app easily accessible. (Because we still look at each other and say, “Fruit at lunch today? No, that was yesterday!”)

Challenges were no bread, no dairy and no alcohol… but not that hard. The structure of the plan helps keep us on track.  Another challenge was from our (grown-up) kids who were not on the diet at first. They said that without wine, we are no fun anymore 🙂  However, two of them have done 28 days successfully and do not tease us anymore.

Q: So, what’s next?

Sheila: I intend to lose another 15 pounds. (I started at 200 pounds and want to go to 150 pounds.) That should happen. My “comfortable” weight was always 145 pounds. We love this diet and expect that the changes in our eating habits will continue…finally!

Currently, we are in our fourth cycle. We are mentoring my sister in law, brother in law and niece. They groused for the first week, then admitted that it wasn’t so bad and they lost 3 pounds each!

Q: Any advice for those who might be thinking of starting the Fast Metabolism Diet?

Sean: You should keep the book handy. It answers the questions that come up. And the explanations about what is going on inside your body are really encouraging.

Sheila: Just start! And tell yourself that this is it! You are never going to be any younger, or more attractive so remind yourself that you want to look the best you can right now. This is an amazing and quick diet.

Everyone that has seen us has asked what we have done and we keep handing out the web link. Only 1 person (a life long Weight Watchers member) did not lose any weight over the whole 28 days. But she stayed with it.

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