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Testimonial: I love this way of eating. God truly blessed me the day he showed me this diet! I have been struggling with my weight for about the last 20 years. I did not like the way I looked. I never took my shirt off in front of people, and now I am pleased with the way I look. I have lost 50 pounds on this eating plan since I started it in 2013. About A year ago. I weighed 245 pounds in June of 2013 and now I weigh 195 pounds. I have kept the weight off for over a year and have amazed my friends. The first time someone saw me that knows me and my wife they asked my wife " who is that guy you were walking with?" They could not believe it was me. Allot of people that know me asked how I did it. At first, I just told them how God showed me a better way to feel better and eat so that you could lose the weight you need And how I did it with his help. And as time went by I gave them a piece of paper my wife made up directing them to your website. About 50 people have started your diet because of it and have lost a lot of weight in the process.I have also stopped snoring so much and my blood pressure has gone from hypertension to normal. My knees do not hurt anymore and I have a lot more energy. Just this past week I went to a public place where people saw me after a year and I gave a kind spontaneous class on how to do the diet and maintain the weight that worked for me. I relied heavily on the I-phone app to direct me and encouraged those that are interested in downloading the app and following it. With the app it is a no-brainer. Now I just follow the phase 3 part of the diet and when my weight creeps up I do all 3 phases for about a week or two and my weight goes back to where I need it to be really fast. My sister in law lost 70 pounds doing this eating plan and my brother that weighed over 400 pounds lost about 70 to 80 pounds so far, and his doctor asked him how he is doing it.And when he told him he started telling his patients about it. God has blessed more people than I can count from New Hampshire to Florida. All those that have come in contact with you and your book. I have even talked to strangers in the store that I notice were looking at diabetes supplies and told them with your eating plan they could manage and most probably get rid of it all together. I told them my story and how I lost 50 pounds, It seemed to help and give them some hope. Well that's my story. Hope it will do you some good!

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