Jim A.

Weight loss so far in lbs:


Tell us your story:

Forty-nine years old, turning 50 on September 12th. Back in mid may I was approaching 380 lbs, and had been promising my wife and four adopted sons (13,11,9, & 4) that I would deal with my weight before my 50th birthday. Clock was ticking and I hurt my knee mowing my yard and the next thing you know my other knee was killing me and my hip as well. I was having trouble sleeping the pain got so bad. I am a chaplain/counselor at a faith-based treatment facility and was at a church service when the subject was healing. We always quote John 5:6 to clients when trying to access their motivation to change. During worship I felt God asking me the question over and over again and I responded, "Yes!". I walked out of the service and a pastor friend who knew my struggles came to me and said you have to try this diet and told me about FMD. Then my wife told me about a woman who was a teacher of one of our children who had lost almost a hundred pounds on FMD. My wife bought the book and we started to read it together and to be honest she was more motivated than I was. It sounded too complicated but she was committed (Her name is Barb and she has lost nearly 19 lbs in the same time frame). I started strong and lost 10 lbs the first week and then got into the food (I'm a former chef). I feel like I am eating the awesome food God has created for my well being and I have never felt better. But not as good as I am going to feel after the next 75!

How did you hear about the program?

My pastor and another friend within a week and then my wife got on board and the rest has been history!

Do you have a favorite Haylie recipe?

The yummy coconut curry and the smoked salmon & cucumbers!

What is your favorite FMD tool?

I love the food list cause it is my parameters for creating awesome recipes. Also the vegetable stock is our magic elixir in so many recipes!

What advice would you give to someone trying the FMD or The Burn for the first time?

Plan well and spend the time and money on the outset to be prepared.

Other than your weight, what is the biggest change you have noticed about yourself or life since beginning your journey?

I don't feel the normal sadness about denying myself and being stressed about the diet. My perception is that I get to eat good food and plenty of it so whatever I am missing out on doesn't define me anymore! I am blessed and my wife is looking hotter and hotter everyday too!

Did you realize any other health benefits?

My knees, my hip, I am waiting for the 100 lb mark to go to my cardiologist and see if I can get off my blood pressure meds. Oh, and I sleep awesome too, and my wife says I don't snore anymore!

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