Kim was through with gimmicky diets — she knew she needed a total lifestyle makeover to get healthy and stay that way. She found it with the Fast Metabolism Diet.

Q: What led you to try The Fast Metabolism Diet?

I was in need of a total makeover but from the inside out. I was looking for a diet to help me develop a healthy lifestyle, not just a get-slim-quick gimmick.

Q: How was this diet different than others you’ve tried in the past?

I have tried other diets like Atkins, the South Beach Diet and even those all water cleanses. Haylie’s diet was unlike all the others — it actually taught me that food isn’t the enemy and we should use it to our advantage. It taught me that there is healthy stuff that I enjoy eating, and that cooking amazing, healthy food could be fun.

Q: How did you feel while on the diet?

Normally I always feel very fatigued, but on the Fast Metabolism Diet, I felt like I had so much energy. I could actually get up and enjoy being active again.

Q: Did you notice changes other than weight loss?

Yes! After 28 days on the Fast Metabolism Diet, my skin was not only cleared of my horrible acne, but it had this amazing glow. I made a total lifestyle change including eliminating liver toxins like my bleached blonde hair — my hair started growing faster than ever. I’m getting so many compliments!

Q: What were your favorite foods/phase?

My favorite Phase is Phase One. I love being able to enjoy all my favorite fruits and making delicious smoothies.

Q: What was the most challenging aspect and how did you overcome it?

The most challenging thing for me was believing that if I ate all of the amazing foods in Haylie’s book I would actually lose weight. After the first week, I realized this was not impossible! I was doing it and it tasted good!

Q: How much have you lost?

On Haylie’s diet, I have lost 20 pounds.

Q: How are you keeping it off?

Haylie taught me way more than a diet. She helped me achieve the healthy lifestyle that I was so desperately looking for. I keep the weight off by taking all the tools that Haylie provided me with and cooking amazingly healthy foods — and eating a lot of it! Haylie, I can’t thank you enough!

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