Is FMD Okay For Children? Haylie Answers here!

Haylie addresses if FMD is family safe, even for children who do not need to lose weight, If there are vegan options for the burn and more! 

Questions Answered:

1. If I’m making a treat with cacao, how much can I use before it negatively affects my progress on the diet?
2. When does weight loss/gain for a specific phase show up on the scale? The next day, two days later? None of the above.
3. I have enjoyed the success boosters in the Burn. Can I do these during the FMD? If so, which can I do during which phases?
4. My husband lost 34 lbs in about 3 months last fall/winter on the FMD, unfortunately he gained it all back over the summer because he was not able to eat regularly.
5. Should I finish the 28 days on the FMD before starting The Burn?
6. Do you think those in maintenance need more exercise? I’ve always read you need more to maintain weight loss.
7. I have a history of calcium oxalate kidney stones so, ,I can’t have spinach or beets. Can I substitute it for something else?
8. I noticed that some of the lunch & dinner recipes in The Burn include a fruit (like spinach avocado salad with watermelon. Why is that?
9. Is it ok to drink or use coconut water in any of the FMD phases and/or Burn plans?
10. I am doing the FMD for the first time and it seems many of the recipes ask us to eat a LOT of food. Why?
11. We have children who do not need to lose weight. Is it safe for them to follow the FMD that my husband and I will be following? My child is 12.
12. Are vegetables unlimited on the D-Burn like in the FMD?
13. Are there vegan options available for The Burn?