Haylie Answers How to Maintain Weight Loss- Even While Off Plan.

Haylie answers questions such as how to maintain weight loss- even while off plan, irregular periods, how to shape certain parts of your body with food and more! 

Questions Answered:

  1. I’ve done five rounds of FMD and lost 30 . But whenever I go off plan for even one meal (i.e. Mother’s Day brunch), I’ll gain 2+ pounds and spend the entire following week back on plan losing it. Doesn’t that mean my metabolism is NOT healed?
  2. I am wondering based on your background mentioned in your FMD book, is it possible to shape certain parts of the body trough specific foods? I really need to slim down my thighs.
  3. I am 39 and have already done a few 28 fmd rounds. After 3 rounds, my period started being irregular, on some months it totally disappears. So I practice f4 for a week (with fmd food and healthy fats daily) and my period arrives. I have lost around 30 pounds and have other 30 to loose. Do you think my period is irregular because of the weight loss or the lack of healthy fats on p1 and p2?
  4. I have been following FMD for 2 years now. I got to my goal and then after 4 months maintaining I started gaining steadily. I am now plus 35 pounds. I gained 3 on the Cleanse. I did an I burn with 0 results. My TSH is 3.4 and I am on 25mcg of Synthroid. My endo has said I should try her 800-calorie whey-based shakes to lose.
  5. 30 lbs down and loving the FMD! Thank you Haylie! I hear people have lots of energy on this diet, but I am exhausted, losing weight, but exhausted…..especially on P1 and P2. What is my problem?