Haylie's Health Empowerment Guide

Haylie's Health Empowerment Guide


Haylie's Health Empowerment Guide

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When talking to doctors it is important to know how to speak with them in a way that
will benefit your health, what to ask for and how to advocate for yourself… this can be
challenging for many reasons. Some doctors don’t see the need for these tests, some
don’t like to be told to do things they think a patient has “ found on the internet”. They don’t want to leave you strapped with excess bills and insurance companies demand reasons for test before they will cover them. For these reasons I am here to give you a bit more help.

I want to encourage you in your new life. I want you to feel comfortable in your new role as the captain of your own team! Are you ready to move forward with your life? That means being proactive. That means never again standing back and letting other people control your choices and what you do. Stay curious ! Embrace cooking! Join our community!

Let me feed you with information, with hope , with acceptance, and with ideas for better health.
In good health,

Table of Contents:

  • Self Assessment Questionnaire
  • Creating Your Health Wishlist
  • Request For Care Sample Letter
  • Request For Care Blank Letter
  • Digestive Reserves Test / Lemon Challenge Test
  • 7-Day pH Testing Protocol

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