10 Reasons Why I Take Metabolism Multi

I get asked all the time, “If you eat so healthy, why do you take a multi-vitamin?” Well, here my top 10 reasons why the Metabolism Multi is a strategic part of my everyday health regimen.

Watch this video and then read my top 10 reasons below!

  1. I notice a quick difference in my hair, skin, and nails.

  2. The specialized folic acid helps regulate my autoimmune disorder and hormones.

  3. I have energy and mental clarity.

  4. I know they are clean, potent, and delivered in a bio-available form.

  5. I travel a lot and have school-aged children, so my immune system needs the TLC.

  6. I sleep much deeper with the combination of minerals and vitamin complex.

  7. I can not always eat organic, but at the same time, I can’t afford to be nutrient depleted.

  8. Having a history in agriculture, I have witnessed first hand the power of supplementing a feed regimen in performance, coat quality, overall herd health, and structure. (Animals can’t express the placebo effect.)

  9. My adrenals took a real beating in a near-fatal car accident and the following surgeries and rehabilitation created an exhaustion.  I feel much less reactive to stress and on edge when I use these as foundational support.

  10. I ask a lot of my body on a daily basis, physically, mentally and emotionally. I consider Metabolism Multi a gift of targeted micronutrients for all that it does for me.

Getting Quality Multi-vitamins

Not all multivitamins are created equal that is for sure. The raw ingredients below are far more expensive and superior than in other forms. Being in the supplement world for over two decades these are always dead giveaways as to whether the multi-vitamin you are considering is worth taking or not. So if you are looking for  multi-vitamin, make sure that:
  • The B vitamins are methylated
  • The Folic Acid is in an MTHF form
  • The minerals are in an amino acid chelated form
  • The Vitamin D should be in a cholecalciferol form
  • The Vitamin A should be at least 50% beta-carotene

I love our Multi and am proud to be able to offer our Metabolism Multi if you feel your body is in need.

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