3 Foods to Heal the GI Tract

Let’s talk about your GI tract, and the long and windy road it takes throughout our body! The GI tract is such an important part of your body, that what affects it, also affects your respiratory system. Why? Because both are covered in the same mucosal lining. Suffering from tummy issues and asthma? This is why. And, unlike other body processes, it can take hours, if not days, for it to do its job. That means there’s lots of time for things to go wrong. After awhile, your body begins to hold on to what it normally should be excreting, and you store instead of burn – and I want you to burn!

Do you sit down for a meal with a flat stomach and leave bloated? Are you constipated, and do you have an excessive amount of gas? Do thick, hard rolls surround your waistline? What about your skin – is it breaking out? Are you stuck in a mental fog? The symptom list is long, but they all point to the same issue!

I have clients who walk into my office and say they’ve had great weight loss success, but have hit a plateau, and despite all their efforts, have stopped losing weight. Some of you may remember Jean from The Burn book. When Jean first walked into my office, she was 5 feet, 5 inches and 208 pounds and told me that she’d spent years as a chronic dieter. She said she had gotten down as low as 165 pounds, but that was always where it stopped. Then she told me something, and it gave me an idea! She said she always felt bloated after meals, and we discovered that the plateau had everything to do with her digestion. We used the D-Burn to get her past the plateau and bloating, the FMD to would put her on the path to weight loss, and Jean, for the first time in her life, is at her goal weight.

Would you dedicate 5 days this summer – that’s just a single workweek – with all the resources and support you need — to giving your body a gift that will reap more than just seasonal rewards? That’s exactly what the D-Burn is. My readers already know how great pre-biotics and probiotics like kombucha, kefir and cultured vegetables are, and what a long way digestive herbs like parsley and cilantro go to tummy health and wellness. But here are three strategic foods straight from the D-Burn grocery list that will actually HEAL the GI tract!

  • Cooked Fruit: Why? Cooked fruit speeds up the elimination of broken-down fats. These include green apples and pears.
  • Lemon and Cucumber: It’s summertime, and what better way to feel refreshed. Lemon and cucumber nourish the digestive system with micronutrients that support breaking down fat. Think they’d go great with some tea or water? Those are unlimited on the D-Burn plan!
  • Ginger! What will ginger do? Ginger will strengthen and nourish your lungs and purge the toxins the mucosal lining had been holding on to! Cheers to better respiratory health!

Here are some tips you may or may not know: You can heal your GI lining any time – even if you don’t want to go all in with the D-Burn. Vegetables are also free – but I bet you knew that! And there are plenty of vegetables that go a long way to helping out your GI tract. Check The Burn book for a complete list.

It’s summer time, and I want you feeling and looking your best. I want you to look down at the scale and see a happy number looking back at you. Whether you decide now is a good time for the D-Burn or you need or do not need to heal your GI tract, remember to always be eating healthy, whole, real foods, and a fiber-rich diet!