3 Ways to Make Your Hormones Work For You

Are you experiencing hot flashes, suffering from mood swings, or having trouble losing that stubborn fat? Hormone imbalances aren’t things you were meant to “just deal with.” Your body is talking and it’s begging for a prescription for repair. Wouldn’t it be awesome if your PMS symptoms could just disappear? Or you suddenly had a ton of vibrant energy and a healthy sex drive? You have the right to those things and they are within your reach. While doctors may prescribe medications, we must bring food into the equation. I’ve created a prescription using food as medicine to restore your hormones for true metabolic repair. Fast Metabolism Food Rx is the prescription you need to give you the body, energy and sex drive you deserve.

Helen was a client from Kansas who came to me in need of hormone repair. I handed her, her prescription. It was a grocery list. I said here is your prescription for the next three months; you will be taking your medicine (eating), every 3-4 hours and the kitchen will be your pharmacy. Just like Helen, you need a food Rx and a playbook on how to build your health dream team for true metabolic repair.

How did we get so far away from not recommending foods and instead of giving out medications and chemicals with nothing in between? I write prescriptions using food as medicine because it’s the most powerful, safest, and most effective way to treat and heal the body. Let’s repair this situation now before the body is forced to scream to get your attention later.

The objective for hormone repair is to help your body make and use hormones in the most efficient way possible. We’ll do that by using food, restorative techniques, and by helping you to build your health dream team. Here is what that looks like:

Food is Medicine. It’s Time to Eat

Your metabolism is nutrient-dependent and can affect your life in every way. Remember, E + M = H, and in order to get to Health, we must influence our environment and metabolic pathways with food first. I have a few rules for your hormone prescription: 
  • You will take your prescription (eat), every three to four hours.
  • You will include my Top Power Foods for Hormone Repair (in addition to my Foundational Food list I provide in your Food Rx), into as many meals and snacks as possible.
  • You will strategically break your week into two parts. You will include lots of healthy fats and high-fiber vegetables for the first part of the week, to provide the building blocks for hormone production and to stimulate enzymatic activity for hormone metabolism. The second part of the week, you’ll add fruits and complex carbs to produce natural sugars to support the adaptation of hormones and stimulate fat metabolism.
  • You will use the self-discovery quizzes to reassess your symptoms over the next 3-6 months. As we begin to repair your hormones, you may find some underlying conditions present and need to use additional prescriptions in Fast Metabolism Food Rx.

Restore Hormones with a Non-Food Approach

Your food prescription is always your top priority, but there are many other tweaks we can make to optimize hormone balance. For hormone repair, you will want to:

  • Add Physical Activity. The key to hormone balance is to engage in light cardio and use heavy weights to support the adrenals, to promote strong blood flow, and to help burn fat (which means less excess hormone production).
  • Actively Reduce Stress. Some prescriptions like Rx for Energy Repair, prescribe passive stress reduction, (things like massage or essential oils). But for hormone repair, we’ll be using active stress-reducing techniques. You can engage in things like yoga, meditation, keep a journal, listen to music, or use biofeedback mechanisms.

Build your Health Dream Team

It’s important to tell your doctor you are working on your diet and lifestyle to repair your hormone imbalances. Your doctor will likely run a few tests and prescribe a medication without mentioning using food as medicine. But using Fast Metabolism Food Rx, I’ll tell you precisely what tests to ask for, when to test, why these tests are helpful, and how to use these tests to achieve success.

I want you to remember that food has a profound effect on how our hormones are metabolized, recycled and manufactured. They control so many major metabolic processes in the body, and if we don’t get a hold of them now, the imbalance could lead to more chronic conditions later. With Fast Metabolism Food Rx, we’re going to restore a natural hormone balance and support the metabolic pathways for hormone production and metabolism.

This is going to be your playbook, and you are the captain of your team. We’re going to work through Self-Discovery Quizzes and a Whole Body Diagnosis Quiz, to get to the root cause, the why of your hormone imbalance. We’ll create meal maps and include delicious recipes in your plan while helping to build your health dream team by working with your doctor. I want you to be an advocate for your health, for your vibrant, energized, self. I want you to have these things you deserve. Your body is talking, so let’s honor that conversation by starting with food with Fast Metabolism Food Rx.

For additional recipes download my FAST METABOLISM FOOD Rx Mini Cookbook and guide today!