7 Ways to Fill Up to Lose

I’ve read through many of your stories on our social media, and most of you say the same thing: The diet’s working, you’re not hungry, and you feel great. But, if you’re feeling hungry, your body is telling you something — and you need to listen to that.

A good indication you’re in metabolic repair is when your body is burning fat, accessing it for fuel and releasing energy. When that’s happening, your body perceives that process as if you’re actually eating and consuming food. If you’re feeling hungry, your body is not accessing fat for fuel, and that’s a problem, and we want to do more things that help you through that process more efficiently.

1.  Massage.

Treat yourself! Massage increases blood flow to the fatty areas of your body – our butts, our hips, our thighs, our bellies — and reduces cortisol (your stress hormone).

2.  Dry Skin Brush.

Invest in a nice dry skin brush, that when used, will increase lymphatic flow, accessing fat, starting that burn, and ceasing hunger.

3.  Keep Hydrated.

You MUST drink half your body weight in ounces of water every day. Drinking a lot of water isn’t just an essential life habit, it flushes waste and toxins from the body, enhancing the metabolism with every sip you take.

4.  Up Your Fiber Intake.

Eating your required amount of fiber daily will give you that healthy feel-full feeling without compromising the work you’ve done, are doing and are yet to do! Delve into foods high in fiber, especially vegetables. If you’re feeling hungry, double, or even triple your vegetable portion. Just remember, stick to the phase-specific vegetable list.

5.  Try Herbal Bitters.

Herbal bitters is an excellent digestive aid that supports the gallbladder and helps emulsify fat in the body. *Talk to your doctor before starting on a regimen of herbal bitters.

6.  Supplement.

Add a supplement of amino acids to your diet, like my Metabolism Control. It is designed to fight cravings and stimulate "Feel Full" hormones. It contains those key amino acids to support the biosynthesis of neurotransmitters involved in appetite control, carbohydrates or fat cravings, and mood. 

7.  Create a Healthy Stretch.

One last thing to consider depends on past food portions, yo-yo dieting, poor quality food choices, and neurochemistry. You may feel like you have to stretch your stomach to get that feel-full feeling – we call that the stretch effect of the stomach. Many people say they don’t feel satisfied until they are uncomfortable. I fall into that category, where I need a lot of food to feel like I’ve eaten. My rule of thumb is to double your vegetable portion before going for another snack.

If you’re doing the Fast Metabolism Diet and you feel hungry, think of it as your brain not recognizing that you’re full or not converting fat into fuel. Is it that you need that really big stretch factor like I kind of do? Or, is it that you’re not accessing fat, and you need herbal bitters and some of the physical remedies like the dry skin brushes and a massage? I think if you try these options, you’ll have some good results.