Give Your Body The Energy It Needs. Try This Baked Avocado With Egg

When your energy fluctuates - when you get fatigued, are exhausted, or feel bursts and sags of energy during the day, your body is whispering to you. Energy should work for you. You should have it when you need it throughout the day, and be able to sleep when the day is done. When neither is happening, your body is whispering that something is out of balance.

Energy issues are quite common, and although many people talk to their doctors about fatigue and exhaustion, the tests a doctor runs might not reveal anything. Maybe you haven’t manifested a disease, but your body just doesn’t feel right. Many of my clients appear when their doctor has told them everything looked fine - so why don’t they feel well, they ask. Why can they barely drag themselves out of bed? Why are they falling asleep at their desks? Why is it so difficult just to get through the day? They’ve been told their symptoms are from stress or age or lack of sleep, and the recommendation is to “just get more sleep” or even “just deal with it.”

Without food, you wouldn’t have any energy; and you can probably guess that the quality and substance of the foods you eat determine how well your mitochondria can produce the energy you need. If you aren’t eating good, clean fuel, your energy output will suffer; and if any of the pathways for energy metabolism are blocked, your energy production will be reduced. Imagine there is a huge blizzard. You can’t drive your car through the thick snow it leaves in your driveway. You have to shovel it out first to make a path. Similarly, to best optimize your internal energy production system, you need to fuel your mitochondria with targeted foods for the most efficient burning and clear out the metabolic pathways necessary to produce and utilize that energy. 

I write prescriptions using food as medicine, and my prescriptions have been proven to enact real clinical change. Let's start tackling low energy levels together with my Baked Avocado With Egg.

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