The Benefits of a Healthy Metabolism


People with healthy metabolisms are able to take the food they consume and convert it into hormones, neurotransmitters, bone, skin, nails, flesh, and healthy organs needed to function optimally. And I strive to help my clients get to a point where their bodies will do just that.

Where do you think the hormones that fight off depression come from? The food you eat. How do you think your immune system is created? The food you eat. But you have to be able to convert food for building blocks and fat for fuel. And the time to start is right now!

Is your metabolism healthy?

If you have more than 10 pounds to lose, your metabolism isn’t what it could be. And I recommend the following tests to help gauge whether your metabolism is functioning at its highest levels: a thyroid panel, an estrogen test (for women only), and a testosterone test (for men only). These tests can provide a peek into the window of your overall health and metabolism and can alert you to health problems you might not know about. Or they might tell you that you’re doing pretty well and you really only need a little kick in the pants.

The term “metabolism” is derived from the Greek root word metabolismos meaning change. So, the great news is we can change your metabolism. We can fix it; we can speed it up.

How do you get a healthy metabolism?

You have to turn toward food to ignite your metabolism. It can help get your body to an optimum level of wellness. My program is a simple and delicious adjustment to what you eat. The healthy foods on each Phase of the plan (Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3) in addition to physical activity, will help kickstart your metabolism.

Here’s the key: In my program there’s no calorie counting. This revolutionary process is about repairing the mechanism that burns through fat and gives you the energy and the health you’ve been longing for. It’s time to let food work for you.

There are no guarantees in life or health, but the better you care for yourself and the healthier your metabolism, the more reliable your body’s systems will be for detoxifying itself, eliminating what it doesn’t need, burning fat, and preventing disease.