Did You Know “Rx” Really Means Recipe?

Try this Food Prescription to Lay Down Muscle and Scavenge Fat!

The term for a prescription that is typically used by doctors and pharmacists is known as “Rx”. But did you know that this term actually means “Recipe” in Latin? I want you to head to your kitchen and use a “Food Rx” as your prescription to heal your body, repair your metabolism, help you scavenge fat, and bring you back to balance.

If It’s Fake, It’s A Huge Mistake!

Just like your doctor gives you specific instructions and dosages, I’m going to do the same but with food. My first rule of the prescription is Rule #1, You Must Eat! We need to stop making food the enemy and realize that food is medicine and use its amazing healing powers to repair the body back to balance. I want you to love a morning baked breakfast, and I want you to savor your avocados and chili for dinner. My prescription requires that you use real foods because if it’s fake, it’s a huge mistake. Instead of “diet foods” with additives and preservatives, we need to fill our gas tanks with REAL foods, foods targeted to heal our metabolism that will strategically repair the body back to balance. 

My clients in the clinic and my virtual community (you) have come to me asking how the heck to get rid of cellulite and lose excess weight. Well, I’m here to give you your Food Rx! You can first start by taking one of the self-discovery quizzes and then prescribe to a plan, which will give you the dosage and specific foods to include.

By reducing inflammation and eating micronutrient foods that are therapeutic for the liver, we can start to release stored fat. We can use lean proteins like grass-fed beef, lamb, and fish that will break down into amino acids to build the heart and fuel the brain. By combining these foods with high-fiber alkaline vegetables like cabbage and mushrooms, all your released fat will be flushed out.

The Recipe To A Better ME!

My Stuffed Bell Pepper recipe is a metabolic food prescription that I use to help you lay down muscle and scavenge stored fat. I strategically use these specific ingredients to help you build muscle and unlock stored fat.

  • I use Grass-fed Beef. Grass-fed beef contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a fatty acid that is designed in the body to release stored fat. I think of it as the shuttle bus to get the people to the party. It shuttles the fat out of the cells and into the body to be burned.
  • I use Spinach, Celery, and Oregano. These functional foods help to balance the pH to allow our cells to release fat. (We discuss the relationship between the body’s pH balance here.) When we add in these specific ingredients to our prescription, we are alkalinizing the body and
  • This recipe is loaded with Basil. Basil has a unique phytonutrient called eugenol. Eugenol is a nutrient that blocks enzymes that cause inflammation, and can be used as a natural anti-inflammatory.  I also love the basil added in these recipes Chicken, Red Pepper, Basil Lettuce Wraps, and Basil Shrimp.

When you think about it, the ingredients in these Stuffed Bell Peppers are a strategic food prescription to not only scavenge cellulite and release fat but to reduce pain and inflammation.

For more incredible meals during Phase 2 of the Fast Metabolism Diet, try these 5 delicious recipes:

Remember, the body will be transformed once you provide it with the micronutrients it needs and will do what its designed to do when you give it the right tools. I’ve specifically designed my recipes as a prescription to repair and transform your body back to healthy balance.