FMD goes global with Travelocity’s founder, Terry Jones

And I thought I traveled a lot! Terry Jones, the founder of Travelocity, founding chairman of, and the executive chairman of travel-guidance site WayBlazer has a compelling story he wants to tell our community.

We all need support and you guys are amazing to me and to each other. What a community we have!

Terry, you inspire me and thank you for sharing your amazing journey with us! We can do this, yes we can!


I’m a Fast Metabolism Traveler

by Terry Jones – Founder of Travelocity and founding chairman of Executive chairman of WayBlazer

Traveling and dieting is tough, there is no doubt about it. And given what is served in American restaurants today, it’s tougher than ever on some phases of the Fast Metabolism Diet…but you can do it!

I’ve lost 35 pounds over the last five months. Of those 150 days, 80 of them were away from home! Yes, I lost 35 pounds while traveling 70,000 miles to 27 cities in 7 countries. That’s about twice around the world (in fact I did go around the world once during that time).

How can you lose weight while traveling? The key is planning ahead. I’ve become fanatical about reading menus online before I travel, picking restaurants that will work, and packing food when I can. If you are lucky enough to get an upgrade to first class, American and some other carriers now give you a choice of meal in advance, so you can pick the healthy one.
The easiest countries I traveled to were China and Japan — lots of steamed or grilled vegetables and proteins to choose from.

Terry’s FMD Travel Tips

1. Try eating at Whole Foods when on the road. Its very helpful in Phase 1 when finding restaurants with vegetables and brown rice for breakfast is difficult.

2. Airports really do have fruit these days, albeit only apples and oranges — but that’s okay for Phase 1. And more airports are selling almonds that are untreated and seemingly natural.

3. Blueberries are difficult to find, so I pack them in a water bottle. It protects them and it’s easy to put into a hotel fridge. I think I have found acceptable brown rice crackers. And though it is tough to keep them from breaking, they are great.

4. sells 1.5-ounce packets of olive oil to replace airline dressings, and also little single-serve balsamic vinegars. Just be sure to place this in your ziploc of liquids for airport security.

5. Almond butter packets are great for snacks, though I’ve found I can’t keep celery in my suitcase very long!

6. Steakhouses always have vegetables, and they usually will steam them for you, upon request.

More notes from the field

Get the GateGuru app to find decent places to eat at airports. A few airport favorites? Try Pappadeaux downstairs at DFW (Dallas Fort Worth). You’ll find great fish, and they will grill it for you. At the Boston airport, Ufood grill has brown rice. And at SFO (San Francisco), Yankee Pier has good fish.

At your hotel, never take the mini bar key, and stay away from room service. Remember that hotel buffets usually have toasters so you can toast your own sprouted grain bread (as most restaurants won’t take your food into their kitchen).

Finally, ASK —  be insistent but nicely. You can get menu items grilled, steamed, and without butter and oil, if you just ask for them.

Happy traveling!

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