How Can I Get My Family to Eat Healthier?

Haylie Pomroy

One of the things I hear from my clients is that they want their families to be as excited about healthy eating habits as they are. In my 22 years of experience, I have seen one strategy that works: Focus on the delicious food. 

Here are my tried and true tips for encouraging healthy eating among friends and family. 

Involve your family in shopping

  • Try heading to a farmer’s market, where everything looks beautiful, the atmosphere is fun, and almost everything sold is fresh, delicious, and healthy for you. The USDA website has a national farmer’s market directory.
  • I used to give my kids a few dollars and challenge them to buy the most fruits or vegetables for their money. Or try making it a family game to try a new fruit or vegetable.
  • At the grocery store, involve the family in reading labels and making the best choices or do a scavenger hunt to find a ketchup and mustard that doesn’t contain any of these ingredients.

Make cooking a family activity

  • Engage kids in peeling, slicing, and measuring. Give the family a ‘vote’ on which recipe to make. Should we make the Shrimp Tacos or the Southwestern Turkey Stir Fry?
  • Have a spouse who likes to grill? Choose a great grilling recipe for this Garlic-Dijon Steak or these Grilled Chicken Sausages.
  • Tip: Become a Member (just $99 for a whole year or $12.99 per month) and get to more than 500 of family-friendly recipes for all of my programs, with a new recipe every week. A recent study from the US Department of Agriculture showed that the more people learned about nutrition, and the more they were involved in shopping and cooking, the healthier the food they ate. And I guarantee that when the family helps with the cooking, they’re going to be excited to taste it after!

Let me make it easy for you

  • Smoothies make great after-school snacks, like this Orange Cream Smoothie
  • Instead of processed granola bars, try my Fast Metabolism Organic Bars, made with just a few whole-food ingredients and no preservatives. (The cacao flavor is a family favorite.)
  • Nitrate-free jerky is a fantastic snack, and sugar-free brands are now getting so much easier to find. I like Shelton’s myself, or make a batch of your own together.
  • My Fast Metabolism Cleanse shakes are packed full of kale, spinach, spirulina, turmeric, and Pomegranate. I have been sending my kids off to school many mornings with a scoop of this shake. (Yes, I know they glow!) Did you know you can buy a single tub to have on hand? It’s a staple in my house.

Focus on how delicious and filling your food is, involve your family in the process, and you’re guaranteed to have success!