The Key Organs of Detox

The human body is a complicated system of organs, constantly relying on one another to keep the machine working, and sophisticated enough to fill up endless anatomy textbooks. As far as I’m concerned, when we discuss detoxing, there’s four we need to be concerned with, so let’s geek out together and talk about the magnificent four.

The Liver

Being the powerhouse of chemical detox, it seems natural this is where we’d start. Your liver is hands down essential to keeping all the other organs, glands and hormones on track. More than 600 metabolic functions happen by way of the liver, and every nutrient, hormone, and chemical must be activated by the liver. The liver breaks down fats (thanks to the bile it creates) and breaks down hormones so they can be utilized by the body. Your liver also produces carnitine, which taxis fat around. The more efficiently you produce carnitine, the more efficient your metabolism. Simply put, without being good to your liver, your metabolism falls apart. If we want to detox efficiently, we must feed the liver. Think Phase 2 foods and H-Burn soup!


The Kidneys

Your kidneys are so important, you get two of them! The kidneys are the bean-shaped, natural, self-cleansing system of the body. They are responsible for removing waste (think food, alcohol, and medication), balancing the blood, keeping your blood pressure in check, and aiding in the production of Vitamin D. Even if you’re particularly good to your body, nurturing your kidneys, while they do heavy lifting in the detox department, can prevent renal infection and kidney stones, up your immunity (who wants to be sick?) and reduce inflammation. Feed the kidneys with Phase 1 foods, I-Burn smoothie, and my Weekend Warrior.


The Pancreas

Our bodies are a sophisticated and delicate systems of organs, each one relying on the other. However, without the pancreas bringing its A-game, the rest of your body might as well be for show. This most important organ produces enzymes (digestive juices) that allow us to digest everything put in the body, break down carbs, proteins, and fats, and make insulin to regulate sugar in the blood. When toxins are overloaded in the body, we’re weighed down and unable to utilize nutrients properly. In serious cases, a diseased pancreas can be the cause of diabetes, a life-altering and debilitating condition. Nourish the pancreas and your health will improve. Feed it with the H-Burn smoothie, the D-Burn soup and lots of bitter herbs.


The Skin

It still surprises some people that the skin is an organ – the body’s largest one, made up of water, protein, fat, minerals and hormones. The skin is not only a major barrier keeping toxins out, but it is an efficient pathway of detox. It regulates body temperature, protects your vital insides (bones, muscles, ligaments, and organs) from harmful bacteria and elements from the environment, produces Vitamin D, insulates the body and allows us to sense the world around us via a plethora of nerve endings. Your skin is constantly changing and adapting to the environment it is exposed to. Is it crepey, dry, thin, sagging, or have dark spots? These are all signs it needs to be nourished to improve its functions. Think H-Burn foods, phase 3 foods, and dry skin brushing.


Consider supporting these magnificent 4 organs of detox as well as holistically nourishing the thousands of metabolic pathways with my any of my Metabolism Cleanse products!