What Kind of Exercise Should I Do in Phase 3?

One of the important rules of the FMD is to exercise according to the phase. In Phases 1 and 2, your exercise routine consists of more traditional workouts like cardio and strength training. Phase 3 workouts, on the other hand, are not about breaking a sweat. It's about soothing away stress and boosting circulation so the body can release toxins and burn stored fat. Here are seven of my favorite Phase 3 workouts that pamper both the body and the mind:

Deep breathing

Every breath is a chance to flush stress right out of your body. And believe it or not, deep breathing has even been shown to reduce radiation doses to your heart and lungs during some cancer therapies. On the FMD, deep-breathing exercises can be a powerful tool to help you keep your metabolism’s fire lit. Aside from easing stress and helping balance your hormones, among many things, deep breathing also strengthens your immune system, soothes anxiety, calms the mind, eases depression, and reduces blood pressure. Here’s more information on the benefits of deep breathing.


Stress tenses your muscles and your mind. Daily stretching is a wonderful solution to ease tension. Think long, soothing stretches that you can relax into. I find YouTube to be a great source for technique and inspiration.


Ever wonder what those nubby little self-massage tools are for? Phase 3 of the FMD, of course! Use them to gently massage tense points on your body, or apply pressure to muscle knots until you feel them relax. If you have strong hands, you can use your thumbs or knuckles to do the same thing. Of course, you can also pay someone to give you a message! If you're doing more than one cycle of the FMD, treating yourself to a soothing massage is a great way to mark the end of that fourth week.



Reflexology stimulates pressure points on the hands, feet and head that are connected to the other organs and systems of your body. Think of it as self-massage for your internal organs. This one is really easy to DIY -- just download a chart and give it a try!


Low-impact yoga

Phase 3 isn't the time for a grueling, acrobatic yoga class -- but it's a great time for practicing gentle yoga. I recently discovered yin-style yoga, which incorporates a lot of long holds and deep breathing for stress reduction. Kundalini yoga also puts the focus right where it should be in Phase 3: Breathing and meditation to help you get back into balance with your body.



A healthy amount of sauna time -- in an infrared sauna, if possible -- provides all sorts of benefits, including the increased circulation and toxin release that we're really gunning for in this phase. We even use our far-infrared sauna as a home treatment for cold and flu.



During Phase 1, you might walk to break a sweat. If you walk during Phase 3, it should be only for relaxation. Visit one of your favorite outdoor places, breathe in the fresh air, and feel how good it is to be alive.


SUPPLEMENT SUPPORT: If you’ve found that stress has become your best friend and need additional help unwinding, try my Metabolism Stress Blend. It contains ingredients that support your metabolism and hormone production with the aim of promoting a calm, relaxed state of body and mind.